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That time of year is upon us again! I am not talking about the changing of the leaves during my favorite season of the year, fall, or the incredible meal at Thanksgiving, the beginning of decorating for the holidays, the brisk changing of the temperature, or any other part of this wonderful time of year.

I am talking about Black Friday.  That’s right, Black Friday.

That eerie Friday after Thanksgiving that drives people crazy and turns us into mad demons, racing to the stores EARLY in the morning or now later in the evening of Thanksgiving to beat the next person and get the door buster special that only happens once a year.

Now I am not saying that I am not as tempted as the next fella during this time; and, my family and I certainly enjoy a bargain and talking about the deal we just got; however, when it comes to some of the electronics that will be purchased, I just want to draw attention to some potential “hidden costs” that might not be readily apparent when you bring that new box home to roost.

First and foremost are the TVs.

There are some amazing deals on Black Friday to be had with TVs.  However, if you are one of our clients that has a custom remote system (e.g. Universal Remote Control or Savant), you might want to give us a call BEFORE purchasing that new 75″ HDTV with all the wiz-bang features.  The reason is that if you currently have a Samsung TV and you purchase a new Sony TV, your remote will not know the difference and will not turn the TV on, change the volume, or have access to any Smart features you might be itching to try out.  It might be as simple as having us swing by to change the programming of the remote for your new TV. Heck, if you have one of our automation systems, we might be able to do it without even coming by your home.  How cool is that?!

While we are on the subject of TVs, if you are upsizing (going from say a 50″ to a 75″ HDTV) there is also the potential issue of the mount.  What works for smaller TVs might not support the weight or width of the newer TV.  A simply call or email to us can help save you some frustration when you get the new TV home, out of the box, and want to swap them yourself.  BTW, a picture is worth 1000 words you know; so, if you have a question, send us a picture which will help us diagnose the issue quicker.

All of the mounts we sell and install also have micro adjustments so we can account for walls that aren’t plumb and make sure that your TV is perfectly level (which sometimes can be a major pain)!

If you are in the market for a new Apple TV, please make sure to check out my previous blog (by clicking here) on the potential issues that could crop up after you bring it home.  We want to make sure your experience is the best it can be when using this incredible new piece of electronics.

Finally, with video games, Blu-Ray players, and any other piece of SOURCE electronics (a device that delivers content in some way to your TV), you might want to call us BEFORE you purchase it to see how it might impact the rest of your system.  Many of today’s gaming systems are proprietary and require specific cabling to deliver everything the game promises.  There are numerous things to consider to make sure these pieces will fit into the rest of your system harmoniously.

If any of this seems Greek to you, don’t worry, that is why we are here.  Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 704-696-2792 anytime and we will gladly help out.  Also, if you are new to the Lake Norman, Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius or Huntersville, North Carolina area, drop us a line.  We would LOVE to be your partner going forward and help your family or business navigate through the electronics jungle.

At SoundVision, it is our mission to help “Simplify Your Life Through Technology.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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