The Soundtrack of Sales

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Think about the last few times you walked into a business. Be it your neighborhood grocery store or your favorite place to grab drinks downtown, you were undoubtedly accompanied by the space’s soundtrack – and that’s because that background music has a tremendous effect on sales and the customer experience.

While it might seem easy enough to throw on your favorite playlist and hope for the best, there are so many factors to consider when picking the right mix of music. Tempo, volume, and genre are just the tip of the iceberg in factors that influence buyers’ habits, including the amount of time and money they’ll spend. Now try and determine which system to use and how to avoid any licensing issues, and now you’ve got a hassle on your hands.

That’s where SoundMachine and Control4 come into play. This new partnership completely takes the stress out of playing music at your business, offering the ability to use a pre-built station, or one completely curated by you. Even better, all of the licensing is included with their plans that work for any budget and business size, as well as the option to schedule promotional messages that play between songs.

This new solution is a “hassle-free music experience for businesses” because it easily integrates your music system with your already-existing Control4 systems. You can now manage your music together with your lighting, entertainment and climate controls, without installing new hardware.

Finding the “right mix” can be difficult, but here are some tips to get you started. Regardless of your clientele or the soundtrack you want to bring to your business, it’s so important to consider how music can enhance and change your physical space, while having an impact on your clients’ experience and purchases. Whether you want to use SoundMachine’s curated selection or invest in the ultimate subscription powered by Napster, the new partnership with Control4 is your solution for creating the perfect sound for your business.





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