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2-17-16 – Well, ok, I was excited to get the new Apple TV.  Michael Rahtes, our lead installer and I both were.  After having it in our homes for the last month, we have, independently, come up with the same conclusion.  While it a very cool and slick interface, we both like the older version better.  When navigating the menus, searching on Netflix and Hulu for example, the older version is faster and just makes more sense.

Full disclosure that neither of us are gamers, so we don’t use that part of the new Apple TV.  Additionally, while Siri is nice, I don’t find myself using it when searching for things on the TV.  I have tried it, but, have not felt it offered a huge benefit over simply searching with the remote, but, it does work.

In short, unless you are a gamer, or just want the newer model (like me), I would save some $$$ and get the $99 version 3 Apple TV.


The new Apple TV is out, and it does some really cool stuff.  While I could go on and on and extol the benefits, there are many sites that already do that. If you want to read about the Apple TV’s new features, check them out here.

This blog is NOT about that. As a Hone Technology Professional, it is our job at  SoundVision to integrate these into larger systems.

Many of the new technologies that come out are designed in a vacuum, in and of themselves. They work well as a stand-a-lone system, and are always demonstrated in that way.

The problem is that, many times, these devices are incorporated into larger systems where they don’t always mesh or play well.

Take, for example, the new Apple TV’s remote and use of Siri. While the ability to have a touch sensitive remote with a microphone to access Siri is very cool, the problem is now the remote HAS to be both close to both you and the Apple TV. Many times it is the best practice to hide these devices and have a more system integrated remote interface.

These remote capabilities can inhibit the overall integration into a larger system and make it MORE DIFFICULT to operate.

Our goal is to Simplify Life Through Technology, plain and simple. We want our Mooresville, Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville and Charlotte to have systems they enjoy and can operate.  That is why we install these new devices in our homes BEFORE we put them in yours. You can trust that we won’t use your home or business as a test site.

The best advice is to wait and see how these devices stack up. That way we don’t deal with all the bugs and, a lot of times, save money too.

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