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An  interesting shift is occurring in our industry. In this fast-paced race to digitalization, the role of the technology integrator has transformed yet again. As more devices, features, services, systems, apps and appliances exist on the network, our foundational Internet of Things (IoT), and integrate or “talk” to one another, the technology integrator is transpiring as the sole-source service provider for all things “technology.” Hence, 2017 has witnessed the technology integrator, a low-voltage provider specializing in everything from network infrastructure, communications, security, HVAC and energy management to elegant lighting and shade control, home entertainment and fully integrated control systems, emerge as the “Technologist.”

As a Technologist, we design, build, program and service our clients’ connected “smart” homes, ensuring seamless compatibility of systems across the platforms for a simple, sleek and intuitive user experience. We make your home comfortable, safe, productive, convenient, entertaining and beautiful. We partner with you, exploring your wants and needs, developing a technology strategy that will grow with you and your family. We stay current on em

erging technologies and inform you of your choices. We stand by you through the years, offering valuable service coverage to keep your systems running efficiently, effectively, and worry-free. “We simplify life through technology.”

SoundVision’s years of experience and extensive training and in this evolving high-tech world have allowed us to foster valuable partnerships with some amazing design professionals and adjacent trades. From inception to implementation, we work with an exceptional team of architects, interior designers, builders, landscape architects, plumbers and electricians, managing all aspects of your home project. We communicate the aesthetic and technical requirements of your connected home and make sure provisions are made for future needs. From the simple to the sophisticated, we strive to be your go-to resource for all things technology, your trusted technology partner, the Technologist

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