Mark DiPietro

Mark has been involved in the consumer electronics business since the late 80s. Starting in car stereo, he matriculated into a product specialist for Kenwood, a manufacturer’s rep for multiple lines in multiple states, and then to owning his own business. With SoundVision, Mark is responsible for day to day operations as well and financially overseeing the business. An avid sports lover and reader, Mark’s time is split between his passion for our industry and his family and friends. With four sons at home, with various activities from soccer to swimming to schoolwork, there is always a LOT to do. Mark is a life-long resident of North Carolina (born in Raleigh), and a graduate of NC State University with a bachelors in Business Management and minors in Finance and Economics. Mark holds many industry accreditations including a North Carolina Low Voltage license, North Carolina Burglar Alarm license, and various CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association) titles throughout the years. He volunteers his time with various industry related boards and education as well. Mark also holds a CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association) COI (Certified Outreach Instructor) designation. This means that he is licensed to conduct continuing education classes for the building, interior design and architectural communities.


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