• All equipment warranties begin on the date of the Installation Payment Invoice.
  • SoundVision’s labor warranty begins on the date of the Completion Payment Invoice.
  • Software, electronic hardware (audio video products, network products, control products, etc.), and standard programming is warranted for 90 days from the Completion Payment Invoice date. This warranty covers troubleshooting, repair, and/or replacement of any of the installed hardware (TVs excluded) including 3rd party manufacturer and/or shipping fees.
  • Upon expiration of the 90 day warranty period the client is responsible for all fees and applicable labor associated with any product or software issues.

Note that many manufacturer warranties extend beyond 90 days. For product failures within the manufacturer warranty but beyond SoundVision’s warranty, you are responsible for all labor, shipping, and applicable programming with replacement of said product failure.

(90) Ninety Day Workmanship Warranty

Additionally, SoundVision guarantees each installation with a (90) ninety day warranty on all workmanship issues.    This warranty covers wires, plates, connectors, and other applicable infrastructure hardware ONLY.

All SoundVision warranties are VOID if the installed hardware or related installation (including programming) has been adjusted, reset, updated (including owner supplied equipment) or reconfigured by you or another party.

Equipment provided by customers or other service providers (i.e. Continuum, Time Warner, DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T UVerse) is not covered by any warranty from SoundVision, even if installed by us. We will, however, work with you to make sure any issue that arises out of an issue with these devices is  taken care of in a timely fashion. We will also interface on your behalf (with your consent) with these service providers to facilitate a minimal hassle resolution.

SoundVision Service Policy

  • Our Service and Support hours are from 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday, excluding federal and state holidays.

Our standard service response time is three (3) business days from receipt of an email or voice mail request for on -site support, and two (2) business days for phone or email support.

SoundVision Service Fees

SoundVision service charges for items that are not covered under the 90-day Installation Warranty are outlined below:

  • $125 per hour per man for all service calls for customers NOT covered by one of our Service Memberships.
  • While we typically do not have our technicians working on weekends and holidays, we understand that emergencies do happen.  If you have what you consider an emergency, please contact us directly at (704) 696-2792.  Emergency service is billed at a rate of $175 / hour, billed from the time we leave the shop to the time we finish the service call at your home or place of business.  Membership clients pay the reduced rate of $130 / hr.
  • Remote support will be billed at the same rate but in 15 minute increments.

Full payment is collected at the time of service.