We do projects in homes of all shapes and sizes. Some of our clients simply want to feel secure, so we provide security systems of all sizes and scaled to fit all budgets.

Other clients need reliable, fast WiFi coverage. We can design wired and wireless systems to fit any needs.

Still other clients are looking for an awesome audio and video experience. We do that too, with complete app control from smart phones, tablets, and easy to use remote controls. The power of your experience in the palm of your hand.

We don’t forget the outside either. We have INCREDIBLE outdoor audio systems to provide mood and MUSIC when and where you want it!

We also design and install lighting and shade control systems that create moods and feelings, all the while saving energy costs and preserving expensive furniture finishes.

Some of these projects are shown in the photo galleries to follow.


Clients can expect a response to emails by noon the following business day. For more immediate support, please call (704) 696-2792 extension 2 for Service

Custom Membership

Send us your contact info and we will contact you to discuss our custom membership option.