SoundVision’s Pro Service and Pro Care

As SoundVision, we are crazy about our service!  We realize the real relationship with our customers begins after the project is “complete” and you live with the systems we have installed.  Today’s homes and places of business are dependent on their electronic systems, and those systems require routine maintenance and upgrades.

It is for this very reason, that we have been working for two years designing two service plans that cover any job and any customer.  We call them Pro Service and Pro Care.

We have talked to you and we hear you LOUD AND CLEAR.  These need to be simple, affordable, and offer incredible value!  They need to help keep your systems up and running when there are issues, and we need to be responsive to you.

Our plans are PROACTIVE,  EASY, and THOROUGH.  There is very little fine print, and, with the exception of a $35 / trip fee (no matter how long we are there) include ALL LABOR CHARGES!  That’s right, you pay NO labor, ever (except the $35 / trip fee) for ANY SERVICE!

So, what’s the difference in Pro Service and Pro Care?  The difference lies in the connected equipment and the terms.


SoundVision and OVRc can remotely monitor the health and performance of your system. 
Your home network and AV systems are very complex and require maintenance to perform at their best. OVRc can discover a problem the instant it occurs, fixing it before you experience a decline in performance. The result is peace of mind that your system is running at peak performance at all times, without you having to directly engage with the issue or endure the frustration of service interruptions. We take care of it for you.

In short, our 24/7 monitoring minimizes the need for costly, on site service calls, saving time and expense by fixing problems remotely. OVRc can re-boot any of your installed equipment as well as apply updates on a regular basis, all with unlimited remote support at your finger tips. With our convenient monthly plans, it’s never been easier to maintain your investment. If we do have to perform a service call, all OVRc clients receive special pricing on service calls as follows: $100 service calls (normally $149) and $75 hourly (normally $115) on any OVRc-connected hardware.

OVRc remotely monitors:

The core of your system:

  • Routers
  • Wireless access points
  • Control processors
  • Touchpanels
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

The condition and frequency of:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) uptime
  • Slow internet connections (latency)
  • Intermittent internet disconnects (packet loss)
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) status