Relax and entertain in a home that is more comfortable and inviting. Be eco-conscious with smart lighting, indoors and out. And be reassured—while at home or away—that things are safe and sound. With one touch, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule and needs without touching anything at all.

Control4 delivers brilliant, personalized whole-home experiences.



Ever closer to perfection

Immersive pictures. Beautiful design. Effortless control. Revolutionize every aspect of your viewing experience with our new BRAVIA® 4K HDR TVs.

ElectroMotion Series

MartinLogan has a dream. It’s a dream we’ve always had: To provide ultimate access to all media—music, film, entertainment, education, and communications—all of it there perfectly resolved, elegantly accessible, and pure.

Take a listen and you will be hooked on, what is, the most elegant, natural, and real sounding loudspeaker the world has to offer.

Black Diamond under lights

Screen Innovation’s entire purpose has always been do drive the two-piece projection industry farther than it has ever gone before and in so doing, we knew that we must develop an excellent set of tools to aid end users and dealers alike in the decision making and installation process.

In 2006, we introduced the worlds very first Screen Wizard tool, allowing individuals to calculate the exact recommended materials in seconds.

1  :  A way of inventing, designing and building loudspeakers superior in sound quality and aesthetics unlike any other.

2  :  The ultimate dedication to engineering performance.

3  :  A  non-conventional and insane dedication to beauty and accurate sound reproduction.

4  :  Dedication to the listener’s total satisfaction and delight, creating head bobbing movement and smiles as it is experienced.

5  :  Creating bliss filled entertainment experienced by the few that care about the finest when there is no thought of compromise.

The Origin Way has never existed before and must be experienced.

…an industry leader in both high-performance residential and commercial speaker solutions for indoor, outdoor, and marine applications.

Designing and manufacturing since 1999, we take great pride in our innovative solutions, unprecedented customization capabilities, flawless sonic reproduction and superior fit and finish.

James Loudspeaker products are engineered with great care to minimize their visual presence in your interior or landscape décor. The result is a refined entertainment experience without disrupting the beauty of your surroundings.

Almost 100% of our products are proudly DESIGNED and MANUFACTURED in Napa, CA USA.

What is Sonos?

Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. Play what you want with perfect sync in every room – no skips, delays or drops.

Araknis products are designed and engineered to deliver the best-in-class performance and support a wide variety of networking needs for professional integrators.  With Araknis, you’ll get supreme dependability, even in the most demanding environments.

Complete network solutions including routers, switches and access points, all Gigabit, all capable of cloud management, all commercial grade.

Ask us about DISH Network’s award winning new Hopper 3 with 16 tuners  capable of recording EVERY Prime Time Network simultaneously along with the Hopper Go can make watching and taking your shows with you easier than ever!

The award winning, sophisticated design of QMotion window fashions combines contemporary energy efficiency engineering paired with the latest in high-tech home automation. From the world’s narrowest battery operated roller shades to the elegant light control benefits of automated honeycomb shades, QMotion’s passion for design and innovation are apparent. In 2014, the first and only track-less motorized drapery rod was introduced displaying QMotion’s commitment to industry leading design and technology concepts.

united-leatherBased in Dallas, Texas, we have been designing and manufacturing beautiful custom leather furniture since 2002. But the collective experience of our artisans and managers goes back decades.

And cinema seating is only a small part of United Leather’s extensive portfolio of home and office seating. Every piece is made-to-order with the same quality and craftsmanship of the cinema line.

But to truly understand why we’re so passionate about our product, you have to experience it for yourself.

Five Principles of Lutron

Over the years, our business has continued to grow dramatically, both domestically and internationally. We began with only 2 products, and now provide over 15,000 products to our global customers. Lutron’s success is a result of the strong principles and philosophies, which guide our growth. Our founder, Joel Spira, developed five principles:

  1. Take care of the customer.
    The customer is our number one priority and the reason we exist as a company.
  2. Take care of the company.
    Lutron is dedicated to growth and innovative development.
  3. Take care of the people.
    Lutron provides opportunities for its employees to fully develop their abilities and make a personal contribution to the success of the company.
  4. Innovate with high quality products.
  5. Deliver value to the customer.

These principles guide each of us in the business decisions we make each day.

Savant was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing the best experience in home automation. When we began to imagine what the ideal Savant Home would look like, the one common thread was comfort—the feeling that everything in your home is just how you like it.

And because everyone likes things a certain way, we set out to make our product as adaptable as possible. Technological advances became the means to an end, not the reason for our existence. It was the best decision we ever made. It’s what makes us unique.

Since then, people from around the world have come to Savant in search of a home tailored just for them, and the one thing we hear from all of them is that once you live in a Savant Home, you’ll never want to live anywhere else.

Denon has forever been a leader in consumer high fidelity.  Whether it is world class turntables, incredible solid state preamplifier and amplifiers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, or mini home systems, Denon is the first name in HiFi.

Now, Denon introduces the newest home surround format with Dolby Atmos.  Dolby Atmos is the MOST immersive, all encompassing surround sound ever created.  It truly makes you FEEL like you are inside the movie, with sounds all around you.  Dolby Atmos is to sound as 4k/2k is to video.  If you thought Dolby Digital and DTS Master Audio was something, wait until you experience Dolby Atmos.  Oh, and there is NO WAY to experience Dolby Atmos better than with Denon.

Check out Denon’s video on this incredible new surround format here.  Want to know more, we are trained to show you how!

Marantz dealer Mooresville, NC

Most people enjoy music. But some people are passionate about it. So are we! Music should be reproduced – in our opinion – exactly the way the artist intended, because nothing – absolutely nothing – should get in the way of the music. That’s why we at Marantz have only one philosophy: “Because Music Matters.”

The philosophy behind the unique Marantz sound

We know that true hi-fi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance. It’s about experiencing music just as the artist intended, even in the cinema. It is music that delivers the ecstasy and agony of a film’s story. To Marantz, perfect specifications and technical accomplishment count for nothing unless a product can unlock the power, the excitement and the emotion of music.

Our heritage of technical excellence means we can create components with the ability to communicate the scale, timbre, pitch and dynamics in fact, the very essence of a recording.

Music is enchanting, and we strive to ensure that the carrier of the music looks and feels as good as it sounds. Every component we produce is technically and cosmetically designed to complement the lifestyle of the listener.

We pride ourselves on applying these principles to all of our products. Each and every one of our home entertainment components is capable of reproducing the purest, most realistic music in your home.

We know that true hi-fi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance – it’s about experiencing music just as the artist intended.

Because music matters!

The URC Story

For 25 years URC has been setting the higher standard for control technology with continuous research and development. Headquartered in Harrison, N.Y., the company has been the leading supplier of high quality remotes and is broadly regarded as the

leading control manufacturer by consumers, subscription broadcast providers, retailers, custom installation professionals and OEM partners.

  • Celebrating 25 years as the leading supplier of universal remote controls
  • More than 100 million remotes supplied in the past 10 years alone
  • Solutions that span every control market, from subscription broadcast to complete home and commercial automation
  • Consistently ranked the #1 brand in custom remote and whole-house control markets

Meet the next generation thermostat.

Most people leave the house at one temperature and forget to change it. So the Nest Learning Thermostat learns your schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from your phone. Teach it well and the Nest Thermostat can lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20%.  If you haven’t seen it in action, check out the video here.

ELK is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized security, automation, energy management and convenience solutions. We stand behind the products we sell with industry leading customer service, technical support and product warranties.

HAISecurity & Home Automation products keep you safe, manage energy consumption, and provide entertainment. Solutions for your home or business are available for every income level and lifestyle. Simply choose the automation, energy management, and convenience features you desire. Leviton systems may be installed in new or existing structures and controlled via your smartphone or tablet.

weboostEver experience dropped calls on the road, at home or in the office? Tired of slow data rates on your smart phone, tablet, data card or modem? Are you just out of reach from the nearest cell signal?

Wilson Electronics’ (now weboost) cellular signal boosters overcome these problems by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell phone signal boosters are able to pick up weak signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower.