The Process of Home Automation, Home Theatres & Home AV

Part of our effort to Simplify Life Through Technology is to make sure that we deliver on our promises, and make sure that we do our very best to exceed your expectations. To ensure the best possible chance of that happening, we follow a consistent process when dealing with all our projects and clients, regardless of whether it is our first project together or our tenth.

The process includes an Interview, Design, Installation and Implementation and Follow up Service and Support.

At our first meeting, we will discuss the goals and objectives of the project. It is most important for us to ask questions and listen to what you, as a client, want and how you want it to work. After a thorough understanding of the project, only then will we interject ideas that can help us achieve our goals, while always keeping your budget in mind. That’s right, we will ask about your budget, so that we can best design a system that will maximize features and flexibility, while not going over where you are comfortable.

This is the time that we will develop a comprehensive plan for your project. Depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the project, various documents and drawings will be included to best explain how the system will work, including a breakdown of what it will and will NOT do.

Regardless of the size and scope, a detailed proposal coupled with a Scope of Work document, which explain in layman’s terms how the system will function, will be provided for each and every project.

This process takes place during either the construction phase of your home, which could last for many months to more than a year. Or, in the case of an existing home, this could be just for the day.

Either way, the installation and implementation phase outlines when we are actually installing the wiring, devices, and programming the equipment. We will continue communicating with you during this process, and will provide written communication to update you with what has been completed, is yet to be completed, and what information, if any, is required from you.

We realize that communication is the key to any successful project; and, this is where we really separate ourselves from our competition.

Here is where we the rubber meets the road! Our after the sale support is critical to us, and allows us to show you how much your business means to us. When you have a question, or there is an issue, we strive to exceed your expectations.

It starts before we finish the project. We want every client to be comfortable with the system; so, prior to our leaving your home, a complete system orientation session will be conducted to familiarize you with the system’s operation and features.

Our way of thanking you for doing business with us is to be there for your questions and concerns long after the completion of any project.

If you system is not performing properly, we have developed a “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page.”

If all else fails, please call our support line at email us at [email protected] or call us at (704) 696-2792 for the quickest response to your needs. If the call is placed during weekend hours, we will reach out to you within the day.

We all know that technology can be quirky. If a problem, error or concern should arise, we ask that you try a few simple steps provided in this section that may remedy the situation and save you time or a service call.

If the issue is not corrected, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

We also offer annual service plans in which we monitor your system and even come out to inspect your system on a regular basis to perform updates and regular, routine services, ensuring your system is working to its maximum potential. Having trouble with a remote? Sometimes these devices lock up or need to be reset. Take the battery out, wait 60 seconds, and put it back in. Make sure the batteries do not need replacing. The remotes we use offer a feature where there is a battery indicator at the top of the display to help out.

*Tip – If you’re the guy or gal that has to have the remote in your hand, remember that the remote “wakes up” every time you move which drains it quicker.

Is a satellite, cable or UVerse box acting up? Boxes are sent updates straight from the manufacturer and sometimes malfunction.

Reset the box or unplug it from the wall outlet, wait 60 seconds and plug it back in. As the box reboots, there may be some on screen instructions that you will need to follow.

*Tip – DirecTV boxes have a red reset button on them; however, you can just unplug them from the wall to accomplish the same thing. Cable boxes need to be unplugged to reset. Typically, these boxes take between 3-5 minutes to reset. Be patient.

Are you stuck on a menu or page, or do you have a problem where the remote is not responding? All our remote systems were designed to “reset” themselves each time the system is turned off. Simply turn off the system and turn it back on to reset most issues.

One of the MOST COMMON issues we see is the remote sensor falling off your equipment. If your TV or device is no longer responding to your remote’s commands, check to see if a transmitter has fallen off the face of the TV or off the equipment being operated (i.e. satellite box, cable box, DVD player, etc..).

These little emitters send signals to the equipment wirelessly and if not affixed properly you’ll notice inputs do not change correctly. Look or feel for the “sticky” part on the face of the component that is not responding, and simply re-affix the sensor. Black electrical tape works wonders to temporarily fix this issue.


Clients can expect a response by noon the following business day. For more immediate support please call (704) 696-2792 ext. (2) for Service.

Custom Membership

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