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Music is your internal life soundtrack …we take music for granted. It has the profound ability to create and resurrect memories, encouraged by doctors to be played in the womb. Also enouraged by pediatricians to be played while children are developing and for Alzheimer’s patients. Stores use that sotthing background music to encourage sales. Spas use it for relaxation during services. Music is the internal soundtrack of our lives whether we realize it or not.

Do I need it automated?

In short, no. However, many of our clients’ homes have music automated into their daily lives. Pre-set playlists and stations set to come on and play at certain times of the day. A client once told me, “once you have had music while showering on a regular baswis – it becomes very difficult to do without”.  It is not something you have to hunt for on a playlist or connect to – it just works. Cooking musix presets in the kitchen are also popular.  If you already have an automation system, you can now manage your music together with your lighting, entertainment and climate controls, without installing new hardware.

Media rooms are a great solution

Media rooms can offer great balance between audio and video components. Finding the “right mix” can be difficult, but here are some tips to get you started. Regardless of your clientele or the soundtrack you want to bring to your home or business, it’s so important to consider how music can enhance and change your physical space. What impact are you hoping to achieve? Relaxation, energy for the gym, etc… Knowing you object as you develop the pre-sets is one of the most valuable time features you can add to your life.





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