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Complimentary Support &
Premium Membership Options

What is a membership?

At SoundVision, we recognize that access to friendly, helpful, and capable support is foundational for any technology experience. After talking to you, our clients, it was apparent that today’s technology experience is incomplete without the service and support required to solve issues rapidly and remotely.We now proudly offer new membership plans specifically designed around this principle:

Please note: All project installations receive limited remote and in-home support as a part of the associated warranty. We will be available for support during normal business hours, including any scheduled appointments in your home. If you require after hours support or priority response, you will need to select a paid membership plan below.

Choose a support membership



Warranty Support

Complimentary Elite support is included through the duration of your 30-day warranty period.

Limited Support
(after Warranty Support expires)

In-Home Support only
M-F 9am-4pm

In-Home Support

Subject to scheduling availability
(usually 5-10 business days)



per month, billed monthly

Guaranteed 1 hour Advanced
Phone Support response

Annual System Checkup
Including firmaware updates

9-5, M-F Support access
remote diagnostic &
reboot ability**

In-Home Support



per month, billed monthly

Guaranteed 1 hour Advanced
Phone Support response

Semi-Annual System Checkup
including firmware updates

9-9, 7 days a week Support access
Remote diagnostic &
reboot ability**

Preferred service labor rate
$95/hr In-Home Support M-F
$125/hr Weekends

1 hour response from Advanced
Support for urgent issues

Prioritized In-Home support
9-9, Guaranteed 7 days a week


Pricing varies depending
on customer’s needs

per month, billed monthly

Custom tailored to
clients needs

In-Home Hourly Support Rates: One hour minimum on all in-home support; then billed in 15 minute increments thereafter.
**Remote diagnostic and reboot ability requires OVRC deployed equipment.

Some Fine Print

Security: We take privacy and security very seriously. Our troubleshooting tool lets us see only the status of a device on the network. Nothing else. There’s no access to the content or data, devices appear as either on-line or off-line. Period.

Support: Basic Support will solve as much as they can, but if Advanced Support is required, that time is billable. Advanced support can remotely log into your control system or come to your home to replace or repair hardware. Advanced Support rates are $125/hour except for Priority Memberships, which are $95/hour.

Membership Plans: All plans are month-to-month and require no contract. Cancellations will take effect the following month and are not prorated.

Warranty Period: All basic warranty coverage begins on the date your Complimentary Period begins. Refer to the Terms of Service for more information.

Terms Of Service

Custom Membership

Send us your contact info and we will contact you to discuss our custom membership option.


Clients can expect a response by noon the following business day. For more immediate support please call (704) 696-2792 ext. (2) for Service.