Media Rooms are SUPER COOL!

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Media Rooms are a term that is used for many different ideas and concepts.  In some cases, a Media Room can be one with dual purpose, like playing games and watching TV, it can include multiple TVs, or it can just be a wide open space that allows for social gatherings without feeling enclosed in a more “theater like” experience.

While it could be called a “Man Cave,” our Media Rooms are designed to allow everyone to enjoy them.

In our world, here at SoundVision of Lake Norman, Media Rooms are simply  a space that is multi-purpose in use and DEFINITELY accommodates some terrific audio and video.  This time of year, with the Super Bowl and the NCAA Basketball tournament right around the corner, they are HOT areas and people get a lot of use out of them.

At SoundVision, you have an expert, right here in Mooresville, North Carolina.  We pride ourselves on designing spaces that are elegant, offer an incredible video and audio experience, while at the same time are simple to use and enjoy!

Contact us at 704-696-2792 or via email at [email protected] to set up a time for us to look at your space and create the Media Room of your dreams.

Media Room with pool tableMedia Room 3Media Room 1Darrells basement - 3-23-13Ryan & Krissie Newman home pics_2008-03-14_13-50-08_19_©MarkDiPietro2008Denny Hamlin home pics_2007-09-03_15-08-36_7_©MarkDiPietro2007 media-rooms10


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