When we are asked to create an atmosphere for a client's new home we get excited! Home automation, or the ability for systems to work together in concert to do things that you normally do, without your even having to think about them is what makes today's home so incredible.
Lighting that comes on at dusk to provide a warm, lived in look and feel, welcomes the homeowner's home or guests for a night of entertaining. You will never need to come home to a dark home again.
Oh yeah, what about the theater? Well, this one is equipped with a 110" acoustically transparent screen (which means the main speaker are literally behind the screen and fir through it); and, a Dolby Atmos immersive surround sound experience. Dolby Atmos creates sound in three dimensions for the most true-to-life sound there is in home theaters. In short, Dolby Atmos is the equivalent to audio, what high definition was to video.
Not every night is movie night, which is why we also created this OFF THE HOOK basement media area, complete with HDTV and music throughout. Want to get in a game of pool with the kids while listening to a little Miley Cyrus? How about having a drink from the tap while watching the game? Or even just lounging with a book with the lights set just for reading. This room can do all of the above and more.


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