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Make your bathroom the smartest

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What comes to mind when you think about a smart home? Design trends in 2018 all point to smart bathrooms.

Bathrooms are where you live the most. Prioritize it!

It’s easy to want the flashiest and highest tech for all your living and entertaining spaces, but what about the first place you go when you wake up and the last place you go before crawling into bed? Most homeowners place such an emphasis on their entertaining spaces that they forget about just how much time they spend living in their bathrooms.

So why haven’t you made your bathroom just as smart as the rest of your home? You pamper yourself here, you prepare for the day here – not to mention the necessary nature of it in the first place. And if you’re at all concerned about resale value, it seems as though futuristic bathrooms are making their way into everyday homes and here to stay.

Make every day a spa experience

Technology exists for every purpose and place in your home – especially your bathroom. Whether you want music piped in for your own personal concert while you shower, a movie theatre experience in the bathtub, or your entire schedule and home control in your vanity mirror, you can turn your bathroom into the room you live in the most by integrating the right products.


Connect your bathroom to the rest of the house. Control your thermostat, dim the lights and still have access to your security system so that you can escape the everyday, without even leaving your house. By incorporating the right technology into your bathroom, you can turn a utility into your own personal oasis.

Entrust the integration pros

Whether you want all the best technology that exists (high-tech toilets, anyone?) or just want to add some convenience with a few key pieces, the pros are here to help you make sure it’s just as smart as – if not smarter than – the rest of your home.

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