Here we grow again...

I actually don't like that comment. Something about it always sounded weird to me.

We have added new service vehicles, we are implementing a new software, and are in the process of adding additional service personnel to help us react faster and be able to take care of you, our clients, even better.

However, it's very appropriate. We have followed a plan, and it's been painstaking, because our long-term goal has always been to provide OUTRAGEOUS service to our customers.  The plan has been painstaking because we wanted it to happen faster.

All in God's time I guess.

Thank you for your business in helping make this happen. We certainly could not do it without you.

In 2017, you can plan on seeing additional changes, all with the express purpose of proving unrivaled communication and service.

Thanks for being on this journey with us to help you "Simplify Life Through Technology."