First-time home buyers and smart home technology

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New homeowners are prioritizing smart home technology – so what does that mean for new construction and renovations? 

As many as 33 percent of recent home buyers are investing in smart technology in their homes, according to Houzz. First-time buyers and millennials, specifically, are more likely than any other group to integrate this tech into their homes – whether new or renovating.

Regardless of whether their homes are new or old, the same survey found that 87 percent of these consumers are hiring pros to handle the remodeling and integration. First-time home buyers are willing to spend more on home renovations, and that’s probably because smart home technology has seen tremendous innovation with the uptick in demand recently. Creative home automation solutions now allow for the ultimate experience – providing convenience and comfort in style.

It’s not just individual home buyers, either. A new development in Fort Worth, Texas, is considering generations’ worth of technology and innovation into their design plans. The design that includes an ultra-fast fiber network, as well as interactive outdoor tech and more, leaves room for new technology and updated safety features in the future – and it seems to have people excited.

It’s no surprise, though, that security and protection are top concerns for homeowners with multiple connected-home devices. Customers who invest in this technology are consistently searching for security support services, according to Twice, in order to protect themselves from hackers specifically. These safety features are another reason to use a professional integrator whenever you’re investing in any smart technology to your home. A consultation from the pros can determine what technology and security will best suit your needs, without compromising safety for style.

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