We are constantly trying to provide information to our clients to help out.  When we see things that can be taken care of without a service call and that make your lives easier and saves money, we are all for it!

Process is VERY integral to our business; so, if there is something that comes up and we can write a procedure to help out, we are all in for that too.  Just let us know how we can help!

Having WiFi Trouble?  Try our Network Reset Procedure

There are times and situations that arise that require your network and WiFi systems to have to be reset.  If you are experiencing spotty coverage or abnormal performance, a reset might be in order.

The most common is a power outage or a system update from the ISP (Internet Service Provider (e.g. MI Connections, Time Warner, Windstream, AT&T or BellSouth).  In this case, please follow the following procedure and best practice to make sure the reset goes smoothly and you are back up and working.

  • Unplug ALL network devices including the MODEM, ROUTER; any network switches, and / or any access points (i.e. Araknis, Engenius, Apple AirPort Expresses, or Ubiquiti) around your home.  There might be power supplies for outdoor access points too.
  • Make certain to unplug the coaxial cable going into the cable modem (if you have a cable modem).  Also check to see if there is a battery compartment.  Some cable modems have back up batteries that need to be removed for a proper reboot.
  • Wait five minutes to allow the devices to completely clear themselves.
  • Plug in the MODEM first and allow it to completely power up and all lights to be solid green.  If there is a NETWORK light, it might blink occasionally, and if there is an ETHERNET light, it won’t light until the router is plugged back in.
  • Now plug in the router and allow it to completely boot up.  All lights should be solid green.  Again, if there is a NETWORK light, it might blink occasionally.  This is OK.
  • Now plug in any network switches and allow them to boot up.

Finally, plug in any access points and allow them to completely boot up until their lights are solid.


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