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It’s time for the glow up.

There is nothing more uninviting than walking into your home and being greeted by a hodge-podge of wall plates, switches and interfaces – all of varying colors, shapes and sizes. This “wall acne” is a thorn in any designer’s side; thankfully, innovations in home automation technology have brought sleek, stylish and sophisticated back to your walls.

This new, design-forward approach brings all of your technology together, to reflect the modern, minimalist style that is so popular.

Imagine combining your wall of switches, buttons and gears by the garage door into one seamless keypad. Forget having a separate thermostat, light switches, security system and garage door opener – all of these can become one inclusive, seamless keypad – flush with the wall.

Improve your energy efficiency by automatically adjusting the temperature and lighting to the season or movement in the room from the same interface you’d use to change the song on your entertainment system.

It’s time to recruit your home automation designers to customize the right system for you and clear up your acne to get those clear, smooth walls you’ve always dreamed of.

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