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For more than 40 years, Wilson Electronics has remained a leader in wireless communication technologies. For the past 10 years the company has focused on helping cellular users improve their cellular service and reduce dropped calls. The company designs and manufactures easy to install antennas and amplifiers that improve a cellular phone or air card’s performance. Wilson bi-directional amplifiers deliver higher power and have better receiver sensitivity than competing solutions currently available. The result: Wilson Electronics’ cellular amplifiers and antennas empower users to stay within reach in both building and mobile environments.

Wilson pioneered cellular handset signal enhancement and has consistently led the industry in performance standards. Wilson holds a number of patents including the industry’s best and most reliable method of oscillation prevention and carrier cell site protection, an area where most competitors fall short. The company’s designs consistently outperform the competition in specifications as well as real world performance. Wilson’s U.S. based design and manufacturing allows the company to maintain the highest standards of quality. All products undergo 100 percent automatic testing, with real time test results monitored by our engineering department. Wilson is so confident in their products performance that the company offers customers a money back guarantee.

As of winter of 2014, Wilson has the only FCC certified cellular signal booster on the market. This technology enhances cellular reception and minimizes interference to and from other electronic devices in a home or business. Part of the certification became possible when Wilson acquired Zboost Inc. which was the number two player in the market thus boosting Wilson’s 75% market share to over 85%!

Reasons for a Low Cellular Signal

  • Building Materials – Insulation thickness and type, wall construction thickness and type (brick, 2×4, wood/metal, concrete block), window glass type and number of panes.
  • Distances from Towers – The farther away cellular devices are from the tower, the weaker the signal will be. The result is slower data speeds and connectivity problems.
  • Natural Obstructions – Mountains, hills, valleys, foliage and other natural obstructions can block and/or weaken cellular signals.

Benefits of a Cellular Enhancer System

  • Use cellular devices in previously dead areas
  • Eliminate dropped calls
  • Automatically Boosts the signal strength for all major cellular carriers (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile)
  • Faster data speeds
  • Longer cell phone battery life
  • Less radiation from phone

Providing reliable cellular booster system in throughout the Lake Norman, Davidson and Mooresville areas


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