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SoundVision Awarded Estate Certification by HTA

SoundVision Awarded Estate Level Certification by the HTA

SoundVision achieved the prestigious Estate Level certification from the Home Technology Association (HTA), signifying its exceptional expertise and proficiency in delivering high-quality home technology solutions.

The Home Technology Association’s purpose is to equip homeowners and the specification community with an impartial means of assessing the technical expertise, customer service, and reputation of home technology professionals. Through the establishment of stringent criteria, our aim is to enhance the implementation and appreciation of technology, thereby offering an unbiased approach to pairing the ideal professional with each project.

The Home Technology Association Certification system is the first and only industry standard of excellence for home technology installation companies. In an industry that has no barriers to entry, the HTA has created a rigorous set of standards for home technology companies to adhere to. The firms that meet the 60+ points of evaluation criteria are granted certification status. Once HTA Certified, these firms must commit to maintaining the high standards of HTA Certification or risk losing certification.

The Origin of SoundVision Podcast

The Origin of SoundVision Podcast

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Mark and Andrew sit down to discuss SoundVision’s Origin Story.

Embark on a revelatory adventure with Mark DiPetro, the visionary CEO behind SoundVision, as he shares his enthralling tale of passion, innovation, and resilience. We explore the intriguing rise of a company that sprang to life from the embers of a failed business and a lifelong zest for electronics. We learn how Mark navigated the trials of a solo enterprise and evolved through economic hardships. From sub contract work to a thriving business, we explore how dedication and determination can blossom into success. Listeners will find themselves immersed in a story that’s as much about personal fortitude as it is about rebuilding an idea to achieve even greater heights.

As we chart the course of SoundVision’s ascent, the power of strategic partnerships and the crucial role of key players becomes clear. The episode celebrates the wisdom of placing talent like our operations aficionado Michelle and our sales superstar Zach in roles where they could truly shine, demonstrating the company’s dedication to allowing employee’s talents to thrive. The episode ventures through the meticulous processes that have propelled SoundVision to emulate the successes of major companies like Apple and McDonalds, and the adherence to a long-term vision. Join us for an episode that not only recounts a journey to success but also imparts the invaluable lessons that can inspire your own path to greatness.

Customer FAQs: WiFi Systems, Security Monitoring, & TV Placement

Customer FAQ's Podcast: Wifi Systems, Security Systems & TV Placement

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Mark, Michelle, and Andrew from SoundVision sit down to discuss some of our customer’s most frequently asked questions. We embrace one of our core values – Open and Honest.

We’re thrilled to have Michelle back in the podcast studio, and what better way to kick things off than by sharing our holiday plans and traditions? We then dive into the questions you’ve been buzzing about.

Questions Answered:

  • What’s the difference between DIY WiFi Systems and commercial grade WiFi networks?
  • Does SoundVision monitor your security system?
  • How high should I hang my TV?

To wrap up, we share our New Year Resolutions, making this episode not only informative but a personal journey into the goals of SoundVision. Tune in for answers to your common questions and a glimpse into our world of technology. We’re not just here to provide solutions; we’re here to build connections and foster understanding. Stay tuned and stay informed!

ShadeVision Shading Solutions Podcast

ShadeVision Window Options Podcast

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Mark, Michelle, and Andrew from SoundVision sit down to discuss our Shading Solutions offered at SoundVision.

Window Shades offer many benefits to your home or commercial space. Our premium vendors allow us to offer custom products that enhance the comfort, efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your home or workspace. We delve into the diverse options we offer at SoundVision, exploring the varied fabrics, energy-saving benefits and the potential for personalization. With an abundance of fabric selections and functions, we’ll guide you on how each plays a role in light control and achieving your desired aesthetic.

We also venture into the realm of automated shades, breaking down their functions, cost, battery life, and maintenance requirements. Suitable for a variety of spaces, Mark and Michelle shed light on the convenience of these shades, the systems that power them and who they are best suited for. From UV protection to temperature control, we cover it all. So buckle up and get ready for a ride that will redefine your perception of shading solutions!

Service Membership Plans Podcast

SoundVision's NEW Service Membership Plans

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Mark, Michelle, and Andrew from SoundVision sit down to discuss our NEW Service Membership Plans, available for all customers now.

Join us as we delve into the value of service membership plans at SoundVision and how they benefit customers.  We’ll explore the different tiers of service plans, including a custom option tailored to your needs. All of our plans provide perks like 1-hour callbacks and remote troubleshooting.

Designed by our COO Michelle, these plans are designed to eliminate equipment malfunctions and system lags, ensuring your technology continues to run seamlessly. From streaming TV shows, to intense gaming sessions, and working remotely, technology has crept into our daily lives; It’s pivotal to have service to ensure smooth sailing.

Our service manager, Mike O’Dowd, oversees service operations from Cozumel, Mexico. Hear the tales of delivering outrageous service from different parts of the world and how we’ve been able to redefine satisfaction through our service membership plans. Join us, and learn how to simplify your life with our service memberships.

Networks & Wi-Fi Podcast with SoundVision

Simplifying Life Through Networks & Wi-Fi


On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Mark and Andrew from SoundVision sit down to discuss Networks and Wi-Fi.

Ever wondered how your Wi-Fi works? Get ready for an enlightening conversation as we demystify the complex world of networks. We start with the basics, helping you understand the roles of ISPs, modems, routers, and switches in connecting your devices. We’ll also shed some light on the significance of access points in ensuring quality Wi-Fi coverage in larger spaces. But that’s not all! We’ll take you on a journey of how a simple click on your device sends signals buzzing through these networks, fetching the content you desire.

There’s more to learn in this information-packed episode! We discuss the differences between Wi-Fi and hotspots, offering insights for parents about the implications and limitations of both. Ever turned on your network devices and wondered about the sequence? We’ll explain why it’s crucial. We’ll also delve into the workings of commercial-grade networks designed to cope with the demands of our modern world, boasting faster speeds and tighter security.

Plus, we simplify those confusing terms – IP and MAC addresses, offering a clear distinction between the two. So, join us as we make the complex world of Networks and Wi-Fi a little bit simpler for you.

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SoundVision WINS Home of the Year Award

SoundVision Wins Home of the Year

At this year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado the SoundVision took home the silver award for Home of the Year – Best Home Theater $25k-100K.

Nine of members of our team were on hand to accept the award including several technicians who worked on the project.

In all, the 2023 Home of the Year Awards looked at projects in 16 categories, with winners being judged by an esteemed panel of representatives throughout the smart home industry. The winners were chosen from a list of 46 entries and announced at a ceremony in Denver, Colorado during CEDIA Expo 2023.

Read More here from CE PRO Magazine


Podcast with Phil Harrington SoundVision PM

Phil Harrington Project Manager Podcast

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Mark, Michelle, and Andrew from SoundVision sit down with Phil Harrington, our project manager at SoundVision. Phil is responsible for coordinating project schedules, building and maintaining client relations, and making sure projects run smoothly.

We learn where Phil is originally from and his relation to Charlotte, NC. Phil started his career in education after getting a degree in physical education from Appalachian State. He worked in several roles as a teacher, assistant principal, and athletic director. Phil’s extensive background in education and even-keeled personality made him an asset as a project manager. Learn how Phil’s education journey led him to the world of audio video.

Meet Chef Peter from Carolina Gourmet



On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Michelle and Andrew from SoundVision sit down with  Chef Peter Olsacher from Carolina Gourmet.

Listen to the podcast HERE!

Prepare for an enlightening journey as we walk in the shoes of the masterful chef Peter Olsacher. Get a taste of his humble beginnings on a farm in Austria, the grueling training in a Michelin-style restaurant, and his culinary escapades in picturesque ski resorts. We’ll explore his adventure across the pond, where he found his calling as a celebrated private chef in the Lake Norman area. We spotlight the time he cooked for Dylan Dryer on the Today Show, which catapulted his reputation to national recognition!

Ben Aymami from Proluxe Lighting Podcast

Simplifying Life Through Technology with Ben Aymami from Proluxe Lighting

SoundVision Podcast with Ben Aymami from American/ Proluxe Lighting

Listen to the Podcast with Ben Aymami

I’m the best butt-kisser in America.”

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Michelle, Marshall, and Andrew from SoundVision sit down with  Ben Aymami of Proluxe Lighting.

Ready to change how you view your living space? Imagine transforming the atmosphere of your room with a simple strip of copper and diodes. We’ve got Ben Aymami from Proluxe Lighting on the show today to shed some light (pun intended) on tape lighting. Together, we’ll explore how this flexible and dynamic lighting option can add a bright punch to both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

But that’s not all. We’ll also dive into the wellness benefits of tunable white lighting, and how it can mimic the natural rhythms of the sun to elevate your mood. Our systems designer, Marshall, joins the conversation sharing his innovative strategies using full spectrum RGBW tape to create an inviting ambiance on his latest project at SoundVision. We wrap things up by discussing the importance of professional installation and guidance on selecting the ideal lighting for your needs. Join us on this illuminating journey into the world of advanced lighting technology with Sound Vision.



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