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We here at SoundVision know that content is king and today we’ve got more choices than ever before.  From subscription streaming to satellite, sources for content seem endless, and so are your options for viewing!  If you’re hosting a March Madness party, a night of gaming, or any other excuse to have friends over, here’s some tips to treat all your guests to their favorite team, game or conversation.

Multiple Screens VS. Multi-screen

4K’s  recent, feature-rich options have increased the popularity of picture-in-picture viewing.  And videowalls comprised of multiple screens are seeing a spike, taking full advantage of available content.  Configurations can be a mixture of flatscreens and projection, offering a variety of size choices.  Some prefer a large “master” viewing canvas, flanked by smaller screens, either symmetrically or asymmetrically placed.  Others prefer a massive video wall comprised of a grid of thin-bezel displays that can be configured to toggle content across either the entire grid or in a multi-screen matrix.

Another option is offering multiple screens throughout a space, providing viewing from several seating or entertainment areas throughout.  This works well when incorporating spaces such a billiards table, bar area, casual seating nook, etc.  Mounting solutions for video walls are somewhat complex, however.  Aside from a seamless installation, panels must be accessible for maintenance and allow for heat dispersion.

Also, keep in mind that any security feed, such as your front door camera or baby monitor, are sources that can be fed onto the screens as well.


SoundVision, here in the Lake Norman area, will help with space planning and AV design and work alongside your interior design professional to ensure the best possible outcome, the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology.  Once you’ve decided on entertaining and viewing areas, there are a number of things to consider.

Think in layers.  Create multiple layers of seating to optimize your room’s viewing.  Take the tiered home theater seating approach and apply it across your space to take advantage of line of sight from anywhere in the room.  A first tier could be a mix of fun gaming chairs, multi-purpose ottomans and kid-friendly bean bags that could be stowed away. For your main seating tier, modular sectionals offer terrific flexibility while swivel chairs keep viewers engaged and comfortable.  Hi-top tables and bar seating provide guests a clear shot across the room while offering spaces for intimate conversation or a spirited hand of poker. And don’t ignore design conveniences like installing drink rails and providing side tables.


Audio does not take a back seat to video!  Designing the room’s acoustics is essential for comfortable listening and conversation.  Good acoustic design and noise control reduces fatigue and allows guests in each area to enjoy conversation as well as content.

Seamless Audio Switching is also essential to viewing enjoyment.  As content is chosen or swapped across screens, the sound must follow without a distracting stutter.  Your integrator can program flawless source switching across your devices – no fumbling with multiple devices and no missed moments of the game!  This is not the time for amateurs!

So what’s involved?

Give SoundVision in Mooresville a call today at 704-696-2792!  We’ll walk you through your choices, then design the system of your dreams that’s robust but fun and simple to use.

Ready to host the next event in your in-home sports bar? Here’s the official March Madness NCAA tournament bracket to download to get the party started!  The beer and brats are on you.

For more ideas, visit us on houzz. Give us a call when you’re ready to tip-off!

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