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About SoundVision

Does SoundVision have a showroom?

Yes! SoundVision has Lake Norman’s only Control4 Certified Showroom that encompasses all aspects of technoloies you may want in your home or business. SoundVision is also a Bang & Olufsen dealer and we feature Beolab 18, Beolab 28, the Theatre along with the Beolabd Sound Shape experience. It is best if you set up a consult in advance at (704) 696-2792 ext1. We also offer in home consultations.

Does SoundVision do TV hangs?

SoundVision specializes in design and build projects. We DO take care of any needs like TV hangs for our existing clients. If you are a new client seeking just a TV hang, we have several local companies that we can refer you to.

How do I know what to budget for my project?

Try out the budget calculator from the Home Technology Association (HTA). HTA is an independent industry association and not a SoundVision quote. It is purely for reference. Learn more here:

Do I need an appointment to visit the SoundVision showroom?

Ideally, yes – since we want you to have the best and most efficient experience while visiting. 

Apple TV

Why do I have to reset my Apple TV so often?

This is a common question we get, and the answer, like most, has both
good and bad news. The good news is: Apple is a company that makes wonderful products that offer a ton of features and services.

They are continually updating these products with new features based on what you, their customers, are asking for. These features can be updated via the Internet; so, there is noneed to buy a new device.

The cost is minimal. Hey, we make less than $5 when we sell an Apple TV. So, there is a HUGE bang for the buck with this product.

However, with the good comes the bad. And here is that list:

  • Software updates: Apple frequently releases software updates
    for its devices, including Apple TV. Sometimes, these updates
    can cause glitches or issues with the device, leading to the need
    for a reset.
  • Because these devices are constantly talking online, they
    sometimes get caught in network traffic, like a traffic jam on the highway. As such, they need to be reset.
  • App issues: Certain apps on your Apple TV may be causing
    issues that require a reset. This could be due to outdated app
    versions, conflicts with other apps, or other issues.
  • Network issues: Your Apple TV may be experiencing
    connectivity issues with your home network or internet service
    provider, leading to the need for a reset.
  • Hardware issues: In some cases, your Apple TV may be
    experiencing hardware issues that require a reset to resolve. This can be for all kinds of reasons, like gaming, voice requests,
    changing of settings, and much more

Read more here:

Audio / Video

What is the difference between a passive and powered subwoofer?

Passive subwoofers require an additional power source like a receiver or amplifier. Powered or active subwoofers include a built-in amplifier and power source and only need to receive an audio source. Typically the performance is better with  a passive subwoofer and receiver or amplifier.

Should I buy a projector or a TV?

There are benefits for both.  The cost of flat panels TV’s have come down significantly in the last few years. The warranty however will be limited to the manufacturer’s guarantee which is typically 90 days to 1 year. If the TV should need repair, there are not alot of repair options available for televisions so you may be looking at a loss.

Projectors require a screen and audio options, versus a TV which can be plug and play if needed. They will also require a projector screen that can be motorized and hidden if needed. The typical warranty on a projector is 3-5 years. 

What does OLED mean?

OLED is the acronym for organic light-emitting diode. It is one of the newer technologies available for TVs and other digital displays. OLED is what technology professionals call an “emissive” technology because it uses millions of pixels that emit their own light rather than relying on a separate backlight.

Network / WiFi

What is WIFI 6?

How do I reset my network?

If you have a membership, contact our service line at (704) 696-2792 Ext 2 and our team can do this for you remotely.

There are times and situations that arise that require your network and WiFi systems to have to be reset.  If you are experiencing spotty coverage or abnormal performance, a reset might be in order.

The most common is a power outage or a system update from the ISP (Internet Service Provider (e.g. MI Connections, Time Warner, Windstream, AT&T or BellSouth).  In this case, please follow the following procedure and best practice to make sure the reset goes smoothly and you are back up and working.

  • Unplug ALL network devices including the MODEM, ROUTER.
  • Make certain to unplug the coaxial cable going into the cable modem (if you have a cable modem).  Also check to see if there is a battery compartment.  Some cable modems have back up batteries that need to be removed for a proper reboot.
  • Wait five minutes to allow the devices to completely clear themselves.
  • Plug in the MODEM first and allow it to completely power up and all lights to be solid green.  If there is a NETWORK light, it might blink occasionally, and if there is an ETHERNET light, it won’t light until the router is plugged back in.
  • Now plug in the router and allow it to completely boot up.  All lights should be solid green.  Again, if there is a NETWORK light, it might blink occasionally.  This is OK.
  • Now plug in any network switches and allow them to boot up.

Finally, plug in any access points and allow them to completely boot up until their lights are solid.



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MEMBERSHIP CLIENTS  EXPEDITE service – PLEASE CALL (704) 696-2792 ext. (2) and leave a detailed message for our ON CALL Service Team. 

Clients without a membership have a 24 hour best effort response window. 

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