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It is always our intent at SoundVision to provide our clients with the latest information in the world of technology that can affect their lives.
Recently, there have been a big hub bub around faster internet speeds and FREE upgrades.  This is wonderful.  We, like you, were very excited about getting additional speed for no additional cost.
Most recently, in our service area, Time Warner cable, has been touting this increased speed.  The issue is that, to get this speed, you had to upgrade your modem.
Over the past several weeks, we have had NUMEROUS clients experience issues as a result of this upgrade.  For the first few clients, we believed it might be the parts of the network we installed; however, now it appears it might have more to do with the Time Warner modem than our equipment directly.
These issues have manifested themselves into erratic internet connectivity and / or WiFi speeds, loss of connection between the modem and the router (which severely affects WiFi), and other, odd issues that manifest into slower speeds and shaky connectivity.
The main issue seems to stem from when you have the modem that has
BOTH Internet and WiFi built in.  When you have a home network which includes a quality router, like the ones we use, there is
NO NEED to have WiFi built into the modem that Time Warner provides.
In speaking with Time Warner, typically they will suggest this combination, as it makes the most sense in many homes, but, NOT our clients.
In short, call us
before you upgrade your modem or service, and we can instruct you on what to get to minimize your frustration.  Otherwise, do
NOT get the modem / router combination unit from Time Warner.  Instead, simply get the modem only.  This will alleviate many of the issues.
If you would like to learn more about the modem and what it does, click below.
As always, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will gladly walk you through it.  We are here to help!



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