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Throwing the Man Cave a “Curve”!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]woman-cave-she-shed-ideas-37_sebring-servicesIn this hurried, hyper-connected world, where can the woman-of-the-house go to disappear? How can she disconnect without being disconnected? It may seem ironic, but some technology, in a well thought out space, can actually help. It’s all about making things simpler and under control.

Enter the She Shed, your own little corner of the world, a space all to yourself (and maybe a dozen of your closest girlfriends). Men aren’t the only ones to enjoy their personal “cave”. Feeling a need to escape the chaos, disconnect from a disruptive, digital world and enter a space that soothes the soul, the woman cave continues to grow in popularity. Despite all the talk of disconnecting, many technologies actually add convenience, comfort and fun to the “for girls only” space.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you ponder your personal oasis.

Select your spot

This is where the fun begins. Lady caves are as varied as the women who occupy them. A spare bedroom with sunny windows and all the built-in comforts of home may serve as a relaxing retreat, while an outdoor she-shed (literally, a converted utility shed) may suit the crafter or artist quite well.  A poolside cabana or lakeside cottage could become the perfect hideaway for the creative. Even a generously-sized dressing area or walk-in closet can be transformed into a cozy reading nook.  With a little creativity, a patio or porch could be enclosed for some tranquil me-time on the yoga mat or the attic could become the perfect hideaway for the creative writer. And, of course, the basement can make the ultimate gal-pal hangout complete with wine frig.

Own it

So, what’s the plan? Your space may require some updates or renovations to make it comfortable and offer the amenities you wish. Disconnecting from everyday chaos, however, doesn’t necessarily mean a space void of connectivity. If you’re a fitness fanatic or serious music enthusiast, you’ll want your woman cave decked out with a nice sound system and HVAC control (a must for these Carolina summers!).  The work-from-home entrepreneur will need to rely on a solid, secure network and the wine enthusiast may wish to access her eSommelier or favorite Vivino app.

Other technologies such as lighting and shade control, remote-controlled water features or fireplaces, and user-friendly access to music or video streaming (oh yes, the Chic-flick!) can actually make the space simpler and more comfortable.  And, while you may not want disruptive emails in your sanctuary, you do want to be reached if you’re needed – safety first in the mom cave! And speaking of safety, nothing is more “glam” than security – both physically and digitally. Home technology can help you keep an eye on things – the front door, the crib – which is always a comfort. And automating tasks such as locking all the doors, lowering all the window shades and turning on the alarm can instill a sense of calm to your chaos.


No matter your personal style or the theme of your space, properly planned technologies will not distract from your Zen. Whether working with your designer or putting the space together on your own, we can help by introducing you to stunning framed artwork that lifts to reveal your LCD and ceiling or wall speakers that disguise themselves without detracting from your décor. And imagine replacing that unsightly bank of light switches with an elegant touchscreen or keypad!

So, curl up on your chaise, grab your tablet or mirror your laptop on the big screen and scroll through these inspired spaces.  Imagine your perfect little paradise hideaway and give us a call. Lady cave, shabby chic she-shack…whatever suits you – let’s get started!

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