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Home Automation Wine Cellar, a Smart Combination

Home Automation Wine Cellar …The words “smart home technology” often conjures images of voice-control entertainment. What you might not realize is that this technology extends beyond practicality and posssibly, into your wine cellar.

The olden days…

Gone are the days of chilling your wine at the wrong temperature. There are numerous options fit for any level of connoisseur and any budget. 

These systems have many benefits. The most important being their ability to connect with your pre-existing automation technology. Utilizing your smart home tech to adjust lighting, temperature control or lock your cellar from unwanted guests. The home automation wine cellar can become an asset.  Have a serious collection? Systems can offer round-the-clock monitoring of your inventory. What bottle has been accessed, including by whom and when. Check out how this Star Trek fan integrated his home automation into his themed wine cellar.

There’s an app for that!

Want more apps to connect? High-tech options like the Elertus Wine Protection System or the IWG Cellar Cerveau offer other features. Protection from humidity, incorrect temperature and power outages. Systems like the Cellar Cerveau and Cellar Tracker come equipped with barcode scanners and label recognition software. Also included are RFID label technology to help you track your inventory. Location of where he bottle is in your cellar and what your collection is worth.  

Whether you’re just starting your collection, or have been curating your inventory for decades, consider the value of the home automation wine cellar. Need more inspiration? These five luxury homes took wine cellars to the next level with their smart home control.

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Luxury is What’s Trending in Home Automation

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If you think smart home luxury ends with fancy shades, think again!

Gone are the days of home automation and luxury being two separate conversations and design concepts. More and more, luxury living is merging with home automation in order to provide optimal solutions in comfort.

Imagine walking into your home and your eye being immediately drawn to the artwork in your foyer – highlighted by precise lighting design. Entertain guests with your high-tech wine cellar, complete with automated climate control and inventory management system. Even more, control the quality of the air inside your home.

The options are still endless when it comes to your outdoor living spaces. Control luxury water features, audio and video entertainment systems, even operate a summer kitchen by the pool or listen to your favorite music from the lake with dockside audio.

Home automation technology provides the epitome of luxury when combined with your own design style. The right technology will allow you complete control everything in your home – from the window shades and lighting, to the temperature and air quality, and even your security system. Advances in this technology provide you access to your entire home from your phone or tablet, and some systems can even operate via voice-activation.

Whether you want a top-of-the-line smart kitchen, a lakeside retreat, or an over-the-top outdoor movie theatre – there is a perfect mix of home automation technology for you, which can be designed to suit your individual design style.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



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