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Sony 4K Home Theater with a FullSwing Golf Simulator

Sony 4K Home Theater with a FullSwing Golf Simulator

This Lake Norman theater project began as a custom new spec home. SoundVision systems designer Zach Simpson was able to integrate theater design and a golf simulators because of the builder’s flexibility, quality and design capabilities. Lighting  and audio were integrated as well. We were able to engage valuable vendor partners like Cinema Tech and Full Swing Golf simulators.

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The theater features two projectors.  The first is a 4K Sony laser projector for the golf simulator. The latter being a Sony 4K home theater projector. The Martin Logan models used in the theater included ElectroMotions, Edge and Helos and two DYN800XD subs.  The theater is a full 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos audio system and features a 130″ Screen Innovations motorized screen. This provides the viewing experience, while the FullSwing Golf Simulator features it’s own dedicated screen. Our team enjoyed breaking in the golf simulator with the homeowner.

Let us know if you would like to design your dream home theater!

This home was designed as fully integrated Control4 panelized lighting system.  David Stevens of David Stevens Construction of Sherrill’s Ford, North Carolina was the builder for this home and was awesome to work with. The homeowner was kind enough to offer a letter on our behalf to the CEDIA awards community for consideration in the event we wanted to pursue an award category.  In addition to the theater project, the home was also outfitted with a wi-fi network,  surveillance system, 7 zones of audio and multiple Sony 4K TV displays.

By using a dealer like SoundVision, our homeowner can look forward to a custom service experience. In the event a piece of his new equipment should need to be serviced, we will work directly with the manufacturer on his behalf for potential warranty claims. Whereas, most big box and online providers will only offer a 30 day warranty because of return restrictions.



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Captivate with Digital Signage

Captivate with Digital Signage! What does your potential
new client or all-star candidate see when they enter your lobby? Imagine presenting
them with a stunning videowall that conveys your brand, piques their interest or
entices them to interact! Make an impact by greeting them with a digital
signage display, dynamic video wall or interactive wayfinding display. You’ll
be setting your brand apart from the competition! And you’re just getting

The Dynamic Digital Marketplace

With its
ever-changing content that can hold the interest of viewers, digital signage
plays a very important part in digital marketing whether a corporate
environment, retail store, educational institution or healthcare facility. Static
signage is a “one and done” experience for the viewer, whereas constantly
changing content on a display keeps viewers engaged longer and decreases perceived wait times.

Learn more about SoundVision commercial projects:

What is Digital Signage?

There are two
basic elements of a successful digital signage application; hardware and
software. The hardware component, which may be a projection system or, more
commonly, a display such as an OLED or Direct View LED, and a Media Player. The
software provides the platform for the content. On more sophisticated
deployments there may be sensors that provide metrics on content engagement or Bluetooth
connectivity for a more interactive experience.

The display is
a critical component of a digital signage application. The display needs to be
large enough for viewers to comfortably view the content and bright enough to
overcome the light levels in the space. Since the typical digital signage
display is in use an average of 12 hours a day (with some commercial
applications requiring 24×7 uptime), consumer TV’s should not be used as they
are not rated or warranted for this type of application.

Digital signage
players provide a way to show dynamic video content. A player can show multiple
video “windows” on the screen that translates into multiple messaging (or
advertising!) opportunities. Additionally, they can receive real-time streams
from weather channels, stock markets, traffic reports and more. As a signage
system designer, we will work with you to understand the type of content you
need and the software you use to provide the best signage player for your

Sony created a great resource on digital signage. Check out “A Handbook on digital signage.”

Content, Content, Content

content is key to attracting viewers. It is recommended that new signage
deployments not rely on basic applications such as “power point” or a built-in
picture player that may be included with the display. Content delivered in this
manner is stagnant and viewers do not stay engaged. Instead, content software
allows you to take full advantage of the media player, while providing real
time tools for announcements and other “ad-hoc” content applications.

The pros at SoundVision
can help navigate the various applications and display choices and determine what
you need to effectively communicate your message to your customers, students, parishioners,
patients or staff. Call us today and let’s get started!Captivate with Digital Signage

Set UP for the World CUP

Set UP for the World CUP …This summer is the stuff dreams are made of for sports fans! FIFA World Cup, the US Open and the College World Series all taking place. Before huddling in your living rooms around your old TV, make sure you’re hooked up with a prime audio-video setup! KEY for the most immersive, bright and connected viewing experience for you and your guests this season.

LCD or OLED technology?

You have an overwhelming number of options. Should you opt for LCD or OLED technology? Or maybe a big-screen 4K projector is more your speed? And which audio setup will deliver that immersive audio experience? What’s more, it’s important to consider which cable or streaming service to use.


Regardless of your setup, a few things are clear: for the ultimate viewing experience, you’ll need a large screen. Add a most clear, bright picture possible and fluid motion display. Finish with a clean setup with no clunky speakers or wires distract you from the on-screen action, and strong network capability.


If you’re ready for the ultimate realistic experience, a home theatre with custom seating, a large screen projector with 4K HD and surround sound will help you feel thrown into the game. If a TV-based setup is more of what you’re looking for, some key features to look for are motion smoothing technology and color accuracy, as well as bright picture, since most of the matches are during the daytime. But if you’d rather be outside by the pool, maybe an outdoor setup equipped with weatherproof speakers and televisions is your solution.


Whether you’re a dedicated fan looking for the most high-tech, immersive experience possible or you’re simply hosting your first watch party, you need an experienced team of professionals to help ensure your home is equipped with the best technology and support to make you feel like you and your guests have been transported into the stadium.




Holiday Gift Guide 2017

SoundVision’s gifts for every tech enthusiast on your list!

And so the 2017 holiday season begins! And it looks like another banner year for technology – everything from the latest tech gadgets to the luxurious. We’ve got some great ideas for all the tech-lovers on your list, from budget-friendly to the extravagant. We’ll help you think outside the giftwrapped “box!”

The Sports Fanatic: Your armchair Panther quarterback would love a new all-in-one remote or single-room control package. (Are you ready to bundle? We’ve got the perfect Control4 starter package!) And how about some his-and-her custom cinema seating with automated footrests from #UnitedLeather and a convenient armrest/cubby to stash the remote? Or, go all out and add a 4K @Sony screen or multi-screen set-up! Even add game day excitement to the patio with a weatherproof outdoor TV with audio and control package.

The Gamer: Today’s gaming graphics are stunningly real-to-life. But all that data and detail, not to mention virtual reality (VR), require superior resolution. Along with the 2-way headset, add a 4K display and high performance audio system for a fully immersive experience. Is your Gamer a bit old-school? Why not check out our sister company  Throwback Arcades consoles (did someone say PacMan?)! And yes, this is definitely a good time to evaluate the capabilities of your home network!  #Araknis has everything you need to improve or solidify the WiFi network in your home.

The Traveler: Today’s traveler is connected to their mobile phone and apps, and securing their home while away is a great comfort. Imagine bundling automated door locks, a “certificate for a Home Automation Starter Package” and an app-filled smart watch. Top it off with noise-cancelling headphones and a bow!

The Gadget Lover: For the #techgeek in your life, give the gift of integrated control of his/her smart watch, Amazon Alexa, or C4iWatch and a single-room starter package (great offer available!) that allows for expansion over time. An upgraded home network may be in order so that all those new devices can be added to their Internet of things (IoT).

The Outdoor enthusiast: For those who love the great outdoors, a beautifully designed outdoor audio system from @OriginAcoustics would bring a lifetime of enjoyment. A portable, poolside music solution (Sonos One) could be just right and an outdoor TV offers game day fun and family movie nights. #Vantage Outdoor lighting is also an elegant touch, offering lighting scenes that highlight exterior walkways and garden features.

The Music Lover: Music lovers will appreciate high quality sound in many forms. Having the ability to play their favorite playlists anywhere in their home is a must, so portable solutions with Bluetooth or a custom speaker package are great. Serious listeners will enjoy a set of high-fidelity headphones, sleek AV furniture and an over-the-top chair for the “sweet spot.” As for the gear, let’s create a custom package that allows him/her to audition the system that “speaks” to them. We’re great at designing the perfect listening room AND at keeping Santa’s secrets!

The Movie Buff: Simple! Let’s create the perfect media room or custom home theater. Consider custom, United Leather theater chairs, candy cases, a popcorn machine, marque signs and, of course, a @Sony projection system or new display (4K, OLED, QLED), surround sound package and a motorized drapery and lighting control package to signal “show time”!

For Santa: Well, the sky’s the limit. If you’ve got grand ideas for your home or business, let’s formulate a plan for your current needs and future goals. Then, let’s get a Service Plan in place for peace of mind in the Auld Lang Syne. Call or come by today–we’ll help you “wrap up” that gift list and let you enjoy the season!



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