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Add an outdoor theater?

Add an outdoor theater and reinvent movie night! With warm weather headed our way, we just can’t wait to get outside and enjoy every minute of Lake Norman Living! And family movie is no exception – take it outside!  Do you enjoy hosting your friends to watch the Panthers and Hornet games, gathering around the big screen in your media room? Picture instead catching the game from the comfort of your covered deck or while floating on a lounge chair in the pool! The best seat in the house may very well not be in the house at all!

While you may already be streaming your music through waterproof outdoor speakers or watching your weatherproof LED while cooking your famous Carolina barbeque, you may not have thought about enhancing your outdoor entrainment space by adding a theater under the stars!

Memorable Nights Under the Stars

An outdoor theater adds elegance and entertainment value to your outdoor living space and creates memories that last a lifetime. Your theater can boast an exceptional image as well as uncompromised sound. And the sound system can be multi-use, filling the space with music during the day and heart-thumping theater drama at night.  You can either stream from your favorite movie service or share content directly from your media room system or home theater. But unlike your indoor theater, you won’t need to paint a constellation on the ceiling!

Taking on Mother Nature

Like other specialized outdoor AV gear, weather-resistant options are available for projectors and projection screens. Projectors can be housed in a climate-controlled mounting box or cleverly mounted for quick set-up on movie night. Screens can cleverly roll down from beneath your home’s eaves, pop-up from custom enclosures or occupy an outdoor wall. With limited to no “ceilings” to mount from however, determining where the projector can be installed can require some creativity. And added throw distance and lumens may be required to achieve exceptional picture quality. Fortunately, we at SoundVision are experts and always up for the challenge!

Stay in Control

For uninterrupted enjoyment you’ll want a robust network and remote control to access your home’s system. Several waterproof remotes are available, giving you the ability to control everything -even when you’re in the pool! Control of elegantly designed landscape and patio lighting completes the outdoor living space. Lighting can accent feature areas and walkways for drama and safety while allowing separate control of zones surrounding the screen area.

Interested in exploring your choices in an outdoor theater? Warm weather is on its way! Now’s the time to start planning so give us a call us today!

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Set UP for the World CUP

Set UP for the World CUP …This summer is the stuff dreams are made of for sports fans! FIFA World Cup, the US Open and the College World Series all taking place. Before huddling in your living rooms around your old TV, make sure you’re hooked up with a prime audio-video setup! KEY for the most immersive, bright and connected viewing experience for you and your guests this season.

LCD or OLED technology?

You have an overwhelming number of options. Should you opt for LCD or OLED technology? Or maybe a big-screen 4K projector is more your speed? And which audio setup will deliver that immersive audio experience? What’s more, it’s important to consider which cable or streaming service to use.


Regardless of your setup, a few things are clear: for the ultimate viewing experience, you’ll need a large screen. Add a most clear, bright picture possible and fluid motion display. Finish with a clean setup with no clunky speakers or wires distract you from the on-screen action, and strong network capability.


If you’re ready for the ultimate realistic experience, a home theatre with custom seating, a large screen projector with 4K HD and surround sound will help you feel thrown into the game. If a TV-based setup is more of what you’re looking for, some key features to look for are motion smoothing technology and color accuracy, as well as bright picture, since most of the matches are during the daytime. But if you’d rather be outside by the pool, maybe an outdoor setup equipped with weatherproof speakers and televisions is your solution.


Whether you’re a dedicated fan looking for the most high-tech, immersive experience possible or you’re simply hosting your first watch party, you need an experienced team of professionals to help ensure your home is equipped with the best technology and support to make you feel like you and your guests have been transported into the stadium.




Rated for Fun. Add Entertainment to Your Outdoor Living with a TV Rated to Take on the Outdoors!

Nothing beats Lake Norman living! Spring and summer in North Carolina are meant to be enjoyed…outside, lakeside, poolside!  Whether entertaining guests under the pergola, enjoying first-hand the splash of your teen’s famous cannonball, or catching Sunday’s Panther game poolside at your outdoor bar, a well-placed TV is a great source of enjoyment. Unfortunately, all that sun and splashing takes a toll on the display so it’s imperative to use a unit designed specifically to stand up to what mother nature, and teens, can dole out. Well, you’re in luck. SoundVision has just the thing!

­­­­­­Weatherproof TVs hit the market a few years ago. While they were sealed from environmental factors and offered a brighter screen for better outdoor viewing, they were somewhat bulky. Not so anymore! Outdoor TVs are sleek and provide optimal image quality that compensates for the extreme brightness of outdoor patios as well as the low light levels of shaded covered porches. They also feature special anti-reflective and anti-glare screens. Not only do these weatherproof TVs look good and offer great flexibility in mounting possibilities, but they’re built to withstand extreme temperatures, resist moisture and seal out dust, dirt and insects that could compromise the life of an ordinary indoor unit and void its warranty.

Additional advantages to outdoor TVs are their durability and safety. Unlike indoor units that could pose a greater risk of electrical shock or fire hazard if used outdoors, outdoor TVs are built tough with durable exteriors and tempered safety glass for safe, long-term enjoyment and reliability.

Not only are weatherproof TVs a great for covered porches and sunny patios, but they’re the perfect solution for marine use.  Imagine a day of fishing or sightseeing on Lake Norman with your TV for entertainment!

To complement your weatherproof TV, your choices in outdoor audio are numerous. Just like the purpose-built TVs, outdoor speakers and subwoofers feature weather-resistant materials. Their cones are made of specialized materials and their electronic components are sealed from moisture, but their sound performance is uncompromised. Designed to cover outdoor areas with even sound dispersion, some even provide full 360° coverage. And the design choices are endless with speakers created to resemble natural stones, sleek landscape spotlights or elegant urns. Subterranean subwoofers can be added underground so you don’t miss a “beat.” Outdoor-rated soundbars offer yet another great audio solution for TV viewing. And many weather-resistant accessories are available such as wireless gear, seals for cable cover doors and even waterproof remote controls!

If you’re interested in exploring your choices in enhanced outdoor living year-round, give us a call. We’re happy to provide a complimentary in-home/outdoor consultation.



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