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Boone Scanlon – SoundVision Technician

Boone Scanlon - Technician

Boone Scanlon is an experienced data management technician. While he has primarily worked on the commercial side of structured wiring and installation, he has quickly adapted to the residential side. 

A local of North Carolina, Boone enjoys hanging out with his family and friends in his free time and watching his favorite Nascar driver, Kyle Busch.

Feature-Rich and Worry Free! How to Optimize Your Enjoyment of Your Home’s Technology Systems

We’ve recently talked about getting together to assess your home’s technology systems. It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re up to date of the latest technologies available and how to implement new devices now or in the near future. The other key to satisfaction with your technology systems is ensuring their technical health. Simple things, such as cleaning components in the equipment rack, go a long way in preventing equipment from overheating. And then there’s the not-so-fun stuff like changing the batteries in the smoke detectors of your 10’ or 20’ soaring ceilings. Part 2 of our annual Tech-Up addresses the advantages in having a preventative maintenance plan.  With either our Pro Service or Pro Care plans, we will come out and take care of any of these items.  Our plans include unlimited service with just the cost of a $35 trip charge.  Whether we are there for one hour or one day, that’s all you pay with one of our service plans.

Proper digital health requires a regular checkup and some TLC

While everything may be running smoothly, it’s possible you’re due for a firmware or software update that could potentially activate new, desirable features. We’ll put your network and systems through a thorough test to ensure functionality and make necessary security updates. We’ll also check to make sure everything is properly connected to your network, preventing trouble down the road.

We suggest you make a note of any questions you’d like to ask during the service call and be sure to advise us of any new devices, features or systems you’re interested in learning about or adding.

An Ounce of Prevention

To optimize your enjoyment and satisfaction and to prolong the life of your system for years to come, we offer our Pro Care Plan. The Plan is available in 2 tiers of service to proactively monitor and maintain your systems. Each tier features extraordinary “Bumper to Bumper” Protection with varying years of coverage, allowing you to select the plan that fits your needs and budget.  The beauty of our plans are that the labor is ALWAYS covered.  You simply pay a $35 trip charge.  That’s it.  The difference in Pro Service and Pro Care is your equipment.  If you want to make sure your equipment is completely covered over the life of the plan (Pro Care comes in 3-year and 5-year flavors), we can do that too!

We understand that from time-to-time, equipment will fail. Our goal is zero system downtime and 100% client satisfaction. That’s why our plans offer preventative care and remote features including unlimited remote resets of your gear and proactive service with direct access to the network and key equipment.

A Healthy Network makes a Happy Home

A maintenance visit with a Pro Care plan includes:

  • Thorough check of all systems. We will turn on, test and put each system through its complete operation to ensure it is fully functioning and operational.
  • Firmware and software updates for all system components.
  • Change out batteries on any devices that require them.
  • Check all remote control systems to ensure proper operations. Any MINOR programming issues will be addressed.

Your home technology is a part of your everyday life. We want you and your family to get the most out of it and we want you to know we’re here to help. We’d love to hear from you – please call us with any questions or to schedule your maintenance visit today!



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