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Captivate with Digital Signage

Captivate with Digital Signage! What does your potential
new client or all-star candidate see when they enter your lobby? Imagine presenting
them with a stunning videowall that conveys your brand, piques their interest or
entices them to interact! Make an impact by greeting them with a digital
signage display, dynamic video wall or interactive wayfinding display. You’ll
be setting your brand apart from the competition! And you’re just getting

The Dynamic Digital Marketplace

With its
ever-changing content that can hold the interest of viewers, digital signage
plays a very important part in digital marketing whether a corporate
environment, retail store, educational institution or healthcare facility. Static
signage is a “one and done” experience for the viewer, whereas constantly
changing content on a display keeps viewers engaged longer and decreases perceived wait times.

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What is Digital Signage?

There are two
basic elements of a successful digital signage application; hardware and
software. The hardware component, which may be a projection system or, more
commonly, a display such as an OLED or Direct View LED, and a Media Player. The
software provides the platform for the content. On more sophisticated
deployments there may be sensors that provide metrics on content engagement or Bluetooth
connectivity for a more interactive experience.

The display is
a critical component of a digital signage application. The display needs to be
large enough for viewers to comfortably view the content and bright enough to
overcome the light levels in the space. Since the typical digital signage
display is in use an average of 12 hours a day (with some commercial
applications requiring 24×7 uptime), consumer TV’s should not be used as they
are not rated or warranted for this type of application.

Digital signage
players provide a way to show dynamic video content. A player can show multiple
video “windows” on the screen that translates into multiple messaging (or
advertising!) opportunities. Additionally, they can receive real-time streams
from weather channels, stock markets, traffic reports and more. As a signage
system designer, we will work with you to understand the type of content you
need and the software you use to provide the best signage player for your

Sony created a great resource on digital signage. Check out “A Handbook on digital signage.”

Content, Content, Content

content is key to attracting viewers. It is recommended that new signage
deployments not rely on basic applications such as “power point” or a built-in
picture player that may be included with the display. Content delivered in this
manner is stagnant and viewers do not stay engaged. Instead, content software
allows you to take full advantage of the media player, while providing real
time tools for announcements and other “ad-hoc” content applications.

The pros at SoundVision
can help navigate the various applications and display choices and determine what
you need to effectively communicate your message to your customers, students, parishioners,
patients or staff. Call us today and let’s get started!Captivate with Digital Signage

WHY upfit a smart MDU?

WHY a smart MDU? As cities’ populations grow and the need for building upward grows, the trend toward multi-dwelling units (MDUs) has exploded. Not only are these MDUs in demand for the builder and buyer alike, but they’re increasingly more exclusive, high-tech and luxurious. The good news is: with technology from Control4, this level of modern luxury is affordable.

Our advice: Include smart home automation in the blueprints
The best way to incorporate smart home automation into your units is to include it in your plans from the beginning. Structured wiring, strategically-placed outlets and connectivity designed for the best internet connection, power capability and equipment placement increases the value of your units and allows for minimal interior design disruptions – ensuring your vision comes to life without having to worry about unsightly wires or bulky equipment getting in the way of the details. By wiring before the walls go up and considering features like built-in speakers, storage for entertainment features or a whole-home control center at the front door, design and convenience stay the center of attention.

Smart MDUs mean safety, connectivity, convenience and more
Buyers have placed convenience, connectivity and energy efficiency at the top of their must-have lists when it comes to shopping for their homes. By incorporating smart home technologies like climate control, automated shade and lighting control, they can improve their energy efficiencies, whether they’re at home or out-of-town.

Smart home automation also offers endless options that increase safety – from cameras at the lobby door to smart locks to timed settings for your shades and lights – that protect both the occupants and the building itself. Some systems can even alert residents and building staff about fire and water damage before they become a widespread or serious issue. Now, residents can know what’s happening in their homes, while it’s happening.

Make it easily customizable – SMART home technology in an MDU
One thing is for sure – anyone buying a home wants to make it feel like home and there’s no better way to accomplish that than offering a smart home system that’s customizable to their needs. Custom climate control, security features and entertainment systems with personalized moods and functions make your buyers happy. Even better, consider implementing connectivity to the concierge desk and any entry points like doors, automated gates and garages to ensure your residents are only a touch away from communicating with property staff and their visitors. All of these features are even more attractive when residents are able to connect them to their personal cell phones and tablets.

By making your MDU’s smart, you can increase the value of your MDU, while also making it more attractive to buyers. Moreover, you’re more likely to retain your residents if you’re ahead of the trend, as there’s less for you to update later on. Talk to us about how we can help you with the best tech for your next MDU!

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