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We’ve heard about it for decades, but is VR (virtual reality), with its trusty side-kick AR (Augmented Reality), finally ready for prime-time?  Over the holidays, we all watched the commercials with people of all ages laughing, gasping, sobbing as they were submerged into a deeper reality.  It’s only now that we’re seeing the potential, and how amazing it truly is.

Prevalent in the gaming world, augmented reality blends real-world with virtual world, allowing users to interact with virtual content in a real setting.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Imagine where that will take us.  Here’s a few highlights from the floor of CES2017 Vegas.

AR goes beyond any other experience and its applications are as infinite as its experiences.  We’ll explore the gear in another post.  For now, just fathom where this incredible technology can transport you!

At home:  Take a destination virtual vacation

At the workplace:  Recruiting, training, visualization and providing a real connection for your remote workforce.

At play:  Pokemon was the tip of the gaming iceberg. Six flags partners with Samsung to launch a VR Roller coaster! And mixed reality? Coming soon to an Xbox near you (2018)!

In retail:  VR/AR enhances experiential marketing and customer engagement

In healthcare:  Imagine if your surgical team had access to augmented reality?   And for those experiencing low vision (blurry vision, tunnel vision or blind spots that can’t be corrected), a University of California, Berkeley Professor is working to bring a lower cost aid to this community, helping to restore their sight.

In education:  True abstract learning.

In worship:  I can only Imagine.

We’re just getting started -Ready for take-off?  At the speed of light! Mr. Sulu, set course for Earth. Punch it!

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