Why you should be building (or living in) a smart MDU

As cities’ populations grow and the need for building upward grows, the trend toward multi-dwelling units (MDUs) has exploded. Not only are these MDUs in demand for the builder and buyer alike, but they’re increasingly more exclusive, high-tech and luxurious. The good news is: with technology from Control4, this level of modern luxury is affordable.

Our advice: Include smart home automation in the blueprints
The best way to incorporate smart home automation into your units is to include it in your plans from the beginning. Structured wiring, strategically-placed outlets and connectivity designed for the best internet connection, power capability and equipment placement increases the value of your units and allows for minimal interior design disruptions – ensuring your vision comes to life without having to worry about unsightly wires or bulky equipment getting in the way of the details. By wiring before the walls go up and considering features like built-in speakers, storage for entertainment features or a whole-home control center at the front door, design and convenience stay the center of attention.

Smart MDUs mean safety, connectivity, convenience and more
Buyers have placed convenience, connectivity and energy efficiency at the top of their must-have lists when it comes to shopping for their homes. By incorporating smart home technologies like climate control, automated shade and lighting control, they can improve their energy efficiencies, whether they’re at home or out-of-town.

Smart home automation also offers endless options that increase safety – from cameras at the lobby door to smart locks to timed settings for your shades and lights – that protect both the occupants and the building itself. Some systems can even alert residents and building staff about fire and water damage before they become a widespread or serious issue. Now, residents can know what’s happening in their homes, while it’s happening.

Make it easily customizable
One thing is for sure – anyone buying a home wants to make it feel like home and there’s no better way to accomplish that than offering a smart home system that’s customizable to their needs. Custom climate control, security features and entertainment systems with personalized moods and functions make your buyers happy. Even better, consider implementing connectivity to the concierge desk and any entry points like doors, automated gates and garages to ensure your residents are only a touch away from communicating with property staff and their visitors. All of these features are even more attractive when residents are able to connect them to their personal cell phones and tablets.

By making your MDU’s smart, you can increase the value of your MDU, while also making it more attractive to buyers. Moreover, you’re more likely to retain your residents if you’re ahead of the trend, as there’s less for you to update later on. Talk to us about how we can help you with the best tech for your next MDU!






The Soundtrack of Sales

Think about the last few times you walked into a business. Be it your neighborhood grocery store or your favorite place to grab drinks downtown, you were undoubtedly accompanied by the space’s soundtrack – and that’s because that background music has a tremendous effect on sales and the customer experience.

While it might seem easy enough to throw on your favorite playlist and hope for the best, there are so many factors to consider when picking the right mix of music. Tempo, volume, and genre are just the tip of the iceberg in factors that influence buyers’ habits, including the amount of time and money they’ll spend. Now try and determine which system to use and how to avoid any licensing issues, and now you’ve got a hassle on your hands.

That’s where SoundMachine and Control4 come into play. This new partnership completely takes the stress out of playing music at your business, offering the ability to use a pre-built station, or one completely curated by you. Even better, all of the licensing is included with their plans that work for any budget and business size, as well as the option to schedule promotional messages that play between songs.

This new solution is a “hassle-free music experience for businesses” because it easily integrates your music system with your already-existing Control4 systems. You can now manage your music together with your lighting, entertainment and climate controls, without installing new hardware.

Finding the “right mix” can be difficult, but here are some tips to get you started. Regardless of your clientele or the soundtrack you want to bring to your business, it’s so important to consider how music can enhance and change your physical space, while having an impact on your clients’ experience and purchases. Whether you want to use SoundMachine’s curated selection or invest in the ultimate subscription powered by Napster, the new partnership with Control4 is your solution for creating the perfect sound for your business.





Home Automation and The Wine Cellar, a Smart Combination

The phrase “smart home technology” often conjures images of temperature control, automated lighting and shades, voice-control entertainment and security. What you might not realize is that this technology extends beyond practicality and into your wine cellar.

Gone are the days of having to chill your wine in the fridge at the wrong temperature and worrying about what you have ready for your next dinner party. There are numerous options fit for any level of connoisseur and any budget. New technology from a standard wine cooler to a decked-out cellar, complete with the accessibility and organization at your fingertips thanks to state-of-the-art smart home technology and apps, make this investment an excellent one for your home.

These systems have many benefits, the most important being their ability to connect with your already-existing or planned home automation technology. Motorized shades, lighting and audio aren’t just for your living areas anymore – you can utilize your smart home tech to adjust the lighting, control the temperature, play your favorite music or lock your cellar from unwanted guests.  For those with serious collections, systems can offer round-the-clock monitoring of your inventory so you know what bottle has been accessed, including by whom and when. Check out how this Star Trek fan integrated his home automation into his themed wine cellar.

Want more apps to connect? High-tech options like the Elertus Wine Protection System or the IWG Cellar Cerveau offer your stash protection from humidity, incorrect temperature, open doors and power outages.  Systems like the Cellar Cerveau and Cellar Tracker come equipped with barcode scanners, label recognition software and RFID label technology to help you track your inventory – down to where the bottle is in your cellar and what your collection is worth.  What’s more, some systems come pre-configured with a wide listing of data like wine types, grape varieties and tasting notes, while others also can offer suggestions to add to your collection.

Whether you’re just starting your collection, or have been curating your inventory for decades, consider the value of automating your wine cellar. Need more inspiration? These five luxury homes took wine cellars to the next level with their designs and smart home control.



Control4 Puts You in Control



Control4 gets it.  Not only do they develop leading-edge technology for you, today’s tech-savvy homeowners, but they enable you to integrate your own upgrades. That’s smart! Actually, Control4 calls it a Smart Home Skill for Alexa and it’s available with their 4Sight subscription.

Control4 integrates Alexa voice control for your entire smart home, allowing voice-activated commands for every automated feature. What’s really cool is that current C4 clients can add Alexa-enabled devices to their system without needing their Electronics Systems Contractor (us) to perform a service call. You’ll be able to discover lights, lighting scenes and even your thermostat. You can then customize the name on your customer portal.

Set-up is a pretty straightforward process and they provide a step-by-step video to walk you through it.  That video, by the way, is about 2 minutes long. You can integrate an Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap or Fire TV with Voice Remote into your Control4 system with an OS2.82 or newer.  The video takes you step by step through connecting your Amazon device to your Amazon account, selecting the Control4 Smart Home skill feature, and you’re off!  You’ll set your voice commands for Lighting and HVAC.  For more sophisticated voice control of audio and video, well, we’re here to help.

Don’t forget to lock the door behind you – oh, wait – Alexa already did!

Control 4 7 Amazon Alexa – Voice Control For your Entire Smart Home



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