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Meet Josh, Your Home’s New Interface

The tiny interface that can understand your natural language and connect your whole home


You’ve gone through the process of automating your entire home. Your new smart home, outfitted by a SoundVision, is complete with all of the control systems necessary to keep your home in check. But how do you connect it all and make it work for you? is “artificial intelligence as unique as the home it runs,” serving as a whole-home processor, connecting with all of the devices in your network, from pre-existing control systems like Control4, Sonos and Lutron.


The interface, designed to fit the aesthetic of any room, can go anywhere and do anything you want in your home. The “holistic interface” allows you to make your home automation smarter, without having to physically interact with it. Equipped with sensors enabling contextual awareness, Josh can help you control the lighting, temperature and humidity in your home to make its automation smarter. These sensors can tell which room you’re in and can adapt its functions using this room awareness.


Its touch-sensitive surface works to control event triggers like lighting scenes or volume control — a feature only outdone by its intelligent voice control, which understands natural language. Josh is a luxury voice control system, designed to work with your professionally-installed home automation system(s). It’s leading the industry in natural language processing and uses machine learning to adapt to you and your preferences, making it easier to use.

If you’re serious about automating and connecting your home, make your professional installation work for you. Josh ensures the best experience for you as an end-user as part of your custom design install solution when installed by a professional integrator.



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