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Podcast with Phil Harrington SoundVision PM

Phil Harrington Project Manager Podcast

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Mark, Michelle, and Andrew from SoundVision sit down with Phil Harrington, our project manager at SoundVision. Phil is responsible for coordinating project schedules, building and maintaining client relations, and making sure projects run smoothly.

We learn where Phil is originally from and his relation to Charlotte, NC. Phil started his career in education after getting a degree in physical education from Appalachian State. He worked in several roles as a teacher, assistant principal, and athletic director. Phil’s extensive background in education and even-keeled personality made him an asset as a project manager. Learn how Phil’s education journey led him to the world of audio video.

Meet Chef Peter from Carolina Gourmet



On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Michelle and Andrew from SoundVision sit down with  Chef Peter Olsacher from Carolina Gourmet.

Listen to the podcast HERE!

Prepare for an enlightening journey as we walk in the shoes of the masterful chef Peter Olsacher. Get a taste of his humble beginnings on a farm in Austria, the grueling training in a Michelin-style restaurant, and his culinary escapades in picturesque ski resorts. We’ll explore his adventure across the pond, where he found his calling as a celebrated private chef in the Lake Norman area. We spotlight the time he cooked for Dylan Dryer on the Today Show, which catapulted his reputation to national recognition!

Ben Aymami from Proluxe Lighting Podcast

Simplifying Life Through Technology with Ben Aymami from Proluxe Lighting

SoundVision Podcast with Ben Aymami from American/ Proluxe Lighting

Listen to the Podcast with Ben Aymami

I’m the best butt-kisser in America.”

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Michelle, Marshall, and Andrew from SoundVision sit down with  Ben Aymami of Proluxe Lighting.

Ready to change how you view your living space? Imagine transforming the atmosphere of your room with a simple strip of copper and diodes. We’ve got Ben Aymami from Proluxe Lighting on the show today to shed some light (pun intended) on tape lighting. Together, we’ll explore how this flexible and dynamic lighting option can add a bright punch to both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

But that’s not all. We’ll also dive into the wellness benefits of tunable white lighting, and how it can mimic the natural rhythms of the sun to elevate your mood. Our systems designer, Marshall, joins the conversation sharing his innovative strategies using full spectrum RGBW tape to create an inviting ambiance on his latest project at SoundVision. We wrap things up by discussing the importance of professional installation and guidance on selecting the ideal lighting for your needs. Join us on this illuminating journey into the world of advanced lighting technology with Sound Vision.

Aaron McCarty from Bang & Olufsen

Meet Aaron McCarty of Bang & Olufsen

On this episode of “Simplifying Life Through Technology,” Mark, Zach and Andrew from SoundVision sit down with Aaron McCarty, Head of Custom Integrations in the Americas for Bang & Olufsen.

“Since 1925 Bang & Olufsen has created iconic audio and home entertainment products to the highest standards of sound, craft and design.”

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the extraordinary world of Bang Olufsen.  They’ll take you on an auditive journey that spans the remarkable history of this elite brand and the innovative designs that have set them apart. In their engaging chat, you’ll discover the story behind the distinctly Bang Olufsen aluminum design tradition and how it enhances the approachability of an audiophile-grade listening experience.

You’ll learn about the unique capabilities of this advanced speaker and the fascinating difference between the Beolab 18s and 28s, and the Beolab 50s.  Aaron and Zach express heartfelt appreciation for their partnership with Sound Vision and Bang Olufsen. Tune in for an episode that promises to be as captivating as the sound of Bang Olufsen itself!

Bang and Olufsen’s Ambitions:

  • Design for a lifetime
  • Design for serviceability
  • Design for customization
  • Design for flexibility
  • Design for upgradability



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