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Smart Home Building Trends!

Today’s home builder is more challenged than ever before. Home trends are constantly changing. From popcorn ceilings, to all granite everything, to modern, rustic farmhouses and everything in between. What’s on the horizon now for standard homes, though, is something we used to only imagine belonging to the Jetsons.

The new standard

Increasingly, new home buyers are looking for the convenience, functionality and accessibility of smart home technology – from high-end options to those who like to DIY. Being able to integrate smart tech throughout the home via professional systems like Control4 or more a la carte versions through Amazon or Google, is key to appealing to your buyers.

New home buyers want voice control, customized settings and the ability to set “moods” for climate control, lighting and more; they want technology that is functional but can be either the centerpiece – like a television that doubles as artwork – or blend seamlessly into the background – like a sound system discreetly incorporated throughout your home. By incorporating this tech early on in the building process, you can help the buyer find the home they always wanted with the infrastructure to add on as technology and their needs change.

Smart is secure

We all want to feel assured that our home and family are safe whether you’re at home or on vacation. By incorporating infrastructure for smart security systems into your design, you’ll be designing ahead of the curve. More security providers are including cameras, smart door locks and other features as the standard, so why not include these features in your standard build?

Modern models

The average person knows how an Amazon Echo works and might even have a few smart devices here and there – but when buying a smart home, there’s so much more to consider. By creating a standard smart home “package” and then outfitting your model with that and more, you’ll be able to show potential buyers the home they never knew they needed.

Consider equipping your designs with an all-encompassing security system, a whole-home audio system, as well as lighting and shade control that can be customized to their heart’s content. Having a smart home as a “base model” means you’ll be setting yourself apart from the competition – and that will get any buyer’s attention.

We can help

Reach out!  If you’re in the market to buy a home for yourself, we would be happy to connect you with a tech-savvy home builder! Give us a call today. ” Learn more about Control4 home automation

Smart Tech for a Kid-Friendly Home

Smart Tech for a Kid-Friendly Home

When you think of smart technology and your children, you probably think about tablets and other smart entertainment devices. What you might not realize is how much safer smart tech can keep your kids, while also making your home a little more fun for them to live in, too.

Beyond lock and key

There’s always extra concern when it comes to protecting your kids, especially when technology is considered. It’s no longer uncommon for kids to come home from school to an empty house, but at least now there’s a way to check in on them while you’re at work or running errands.

Door and window sensors can alert you that your child has arrived home safely, and a smart door lock enables you to let them in if they’ve locked themselves out. You can even consider equipping your home with a camera with two-way communication abilities and greet them as they enter your home. Keeping all of these controls in the palm of your hand can also come in handy when you need to know whether or not they were home for curfew, to let in the babysitter, or see if there are any unwanted visitors at the door.

Lighting control is a bright idea

Lighting and shade control can help you save on energy costs or blackout a room so you can watch a movie, but have you considered the impact your lighting has on your schedule? Imagine timed dimmers in your kids’ rooms to signal wind-down time before bed or ease the younger one’s fear of the dark by programming a night light, as well as get them up in the morning for school.

Have some fun with it

Smart technology is more than just an ability to keep your family and belongings safe or the capability to stream music through your home – we can help you optimize your home and network capability for gaming, family gatherings, and personalized settings for everyone in your home. By setting up a VPN, firewalls, and parental controls for things like time limits, you can keep them safe.

We can help!

If you’ve been thinking about how you can incorporate more kid-friendly smart technology into your home, we can help! We have every tool and the experts you need to keep your kids entertained and safe. \lsdlo



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