Guest-ready smart technology

With summer in full-swing and the holidays just months away, you’ll probably be hosting some out-of-town guests soon! And while you might be ready for visitors, is your home? Forget about fresh linens and a fully-stocked bar. If you haven’t thought about your home’s technology in a while, it might be a good time to think about investing in those tech upgrades you’ve been wanting, to make sure your home is guest-ready.

Whether your less-than-tech-savvy in-laws are visiting for a long weekend or you’re hosting a party that requires a robust system to impress and keep your guests entertained, there’s a lot to think about! You might have mastered your home’s control panel, but will your guests be able to figure out how to turn the lights on and off and adjust the thermostat before they go to bed? If your lighting control is a confusing combination of switches or your shades are on a separate remote, talk to us about integrating your systems and simplifying control for you and your guests.

And don’t neglect the outside – there’s no better place for entertaining than in your own backyard. Features like a weatherproof LED TV, landscape audio system and elegant, automated lighting can transform your outdoor living area so that you’re ready for football season!

Maybe you already have all the right tech in place, but do you have the service plan to match? Having a proactive service plan with a knowledgeable integrator ensures your integrator will be alerted before any potential problems arise.

Regardless of if you’re entertaining a few or dozens, whether for a night or a week, make sure you have the right smart home technology and a reliable plan in place to make sure both you and your guests are comfortable and entertained.



The Soundtrack of Sales

Think about the last few times you walked into a business. Be it your neighborhood grocery store or your favorite place to grab drinks downtown, you were undoubtedly accompanied by the space’s soundtrack – and that’s because that background music has a tremendous effect on sales and the customer experience.

While it might seem easy enough to throw on your favorite playlist and hope for the best, there are so many factors to consider when picking the right mix of music. Tempo, volume, and genre are just the tip of the iceberg in factors that influence buyers’ habits, including the amount of time and money they’ll spend. Now try and determine which system to use and how to avoid any licensing issues, and now you’ve got a hassle on your hands.

That’s where SoundMachine and Control4 come into play. This new partnership completely takes the stress out of playing music at your business, offering the ability to use a pre-built station, or one completely curated by you. Even better, all of the licensing is included with their plans that work for any budget and business size, as well as the option to schedule promotional messages that play between songs.

This new solution is a “hassle-free music experience for businesses” because it easily integrates your music system with your already-existing Control4 systems. You can now manage your music together with your lighting, entertainment and climate controls, without installing new hardware.

Finding the “right mix” can be difficult, but here are some tips to get you started. Regardless of your clientele or the soundtrack you want to bring to your business, it’s so important to consider how music can enhance and change your physical space, while having an impact on your clients’ experience and purchases. Whether you want to use SoundMachine’s curated selection or invest in the ultimate subscription powered by Napster, the new partnership with Control4 is your solution for creating the perfect sound for your business.





How Design Changes Affect Audio Visual Placement

Commercial audio Lake Norman, NC

It was a perfectly designed AV System for your meeting space. At the touch of a single button a state-of-the-art laser projector would quietly drop from a disguised ceiling tile via a scissor-lift. It would display content optimally-scaled to meet the viewing requirements of the room’s occupants throughout the collaborative space. The equipment order had been placed and the trades were scheduled. And then, deep into the project; a request was made to change a prominent light fixture and consequently, its location. Its new position places it directly in front of the projector.  It may not sound like a serious issue but repositioning the projector may require a specialized short or long-throw lens be added or a longer scissor-lift be specified. The electrical drop may also need to be relocated along with moving any other affected ceiling features. Audio visual systems are an integral part of room design and changes to a room’s walls, ceiling, flooring, lighting or furnishings may have a ripple effect that could result in costly change orders and extend your project’s timeline.

Collaborative video conferencing-enabled spaces will feature either a flat panel display, videowall or projection system, along with microphones, speakers, AV equipment and room control device(s). These elements are an engineered system, each with precise locations carefully documented. If, for example, a change is made replacing the specified 2-pedestal conference room table with a longer 3-pedestal table, additional in-ceiling speakers or microphones may be required. Placement of these components may likely affect other ceiling features including fire sprinklers, HVAC, occupancy sensors and lighting fixtures. Switching from 2 to 3 pedestals changes the locations of the floor boxes for power and connectivity. While these issues can be resolved through redesign and coordination with other trades, clearly they will impact the project’s timeline and budget.

Change orders happen and for a variety of reasons. Furniture that was specified months earlier may have been discontinued or the designer or client may have requested a change.  Regardless of the circumstances, collaboration among stakeholders at the onset of change is the key to successful project outcomes.






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