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Sound Masking, Simplified

A variety of elements can be employed to address noise control and speech privacy for added worker productivity, comfort and confidentiality. Collectively referred to by the architectural community as the ABC’s of acoustic design, solutions can either absorb, block, scatter (officially called “diffusion”), or “cover” sound. An effective solution may include involve one, two or a combination of all three methods. Designed to cover noise, sound masking checks the “cover” box.

In contrast to acoustic treatments which absorb noise, sound masking is actually the addition of sound created by digital generators.  Sound Masking is an ambient sound that’s engineered to the match the frequency of human speech, targeting conversational noise and make it less distracting by rendering it unintelligible. Sound masking is not white noise and does not cancel sound or eliminate all speech noise in an environment; it simply reduces how far conversations can extend and be clearly understood by others. Its frequency varies significantly from the irritating, garbled static of white noise. Instead, it is engineered to match the pleasing frequency range of the human voice. When implemented properly, sound masking will simply fade into the background of a workplace while simultaneously making speech more difficult to hear and, more importantly, to understand.

Sound Masking, as a means of contributing to speech privacy, is a desirable solution for financial institutions, doctors’ offices, law offices, hotel lobbies and more. By rendering speech intelligible, it not only protects the privacy of students, clients and workers, but can contribute to HIPPA compliance of patients’ confidential information.

Sound Masking: How and when to Activate

It’s human nature. You’re sitting in a room and suddenly something “turns on”. Is it the HVAC…an appliance…? You’re now aware of it. Instead, if you were to enter that same space after it was already “on”, you very well may not even notice it was on at all.  That’s how sound masking should be considered. Rather than activating it while the room is occupied, workers will find it more pleasing if it’s activated while they are away and walking in once implemented. For the best ongoing results, activate and deactivate automatically while the space is unoccupied.

Sound In-Sync

For environment having widely varying noise levels, an “active volume control” can be added to the system to measure the conversational speech levels and adjust the system’s output as the noise levels rise and fall. With the system staying in-sync with the environmental noise and, therefore, performing at optimal levels, the occupants would be unaware of any variance in sound level. Manual volume control, on the other hand, is not recommended and defeats the transparent operation of the system.

Acoustical treatments are another solution for noise control, providing barriers and sound absorption which lessen overall noise levels and reduce reverberation from hard surfaces but, unlike sound masking, does not contribute to speech unintelligibility.

So, what’s the right combination of noise control solutions? Do you want to make your office environment more comfortable and productive and your waiting area or private offices more secure? Call SoundVision today to schedule a complimentary consultation for your space.

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SoundVision of Mooresville Hires Ferlauto as COO

SoundVision, LLC

Mark DiPietro,, 704.696.2792

SoundVision of Mooresville Hires Ferlauto as COO

Audio Visual industry veteran Michelle Ferlauto joins leading technologies integrator




Mooresville, NC, April 18, 2018SoundVision, LLC announced today the hiring of Michelle Ferlauto as COO. Ferlauto brings years of AV industry experience to the role, a position recently created to allow the Mooresville-based technologies integration company to effectively meet the growing demands of the business. As COO, Michelle will be facilitating project workflows, streamlining procurement and processes and ensuring quality assurance.


Mark DiPietro, Managing Partner states, “Having the ability to bring on Michelle Ferlauto is an incredible boon for SoundVision.  Her years of experience and knowledge of our industry even more increases our capability to provide outrageous service to our customers!”

“I’m thrilled to be joining Mark and the exceptional team he’s assembled,” says Ferlauto. I look forward to working with them and to meeting the SoundVision clients.


A resident of Cornelius, Michelle serves on the Mecklenburg County Women’s Advisory Board and is a volunteer for the Cornelius Police Department. She lives with her two children and beagle.


About SoundVision, LLC

SoundVision is a residential systems integrator, providing design, integration, installation and service of home automation & media systems, lighting & shade control, networking and security systems.   With a rich portfolio of successful home interior and outdoor projects, as well as national recognition for outstanding customer service, SoundVision is the leading technologies integration firm in the Greater Charlotte and Lake Norman area.  Striving to provide the ultimate customer experience and enhanced enjoyment of their home, SoundVision believes in “Simplifying Life through Technology.” A member of NC Home Builders Association, NC Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NC Electronic Security Association), CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design Industry Association) and certified as a Registered Outreach Instructor, SoundVision offers continuing education for the Building, Interior Design, and Architectural Communities. 

Rated for Fun. Add Entertainment to Your Outdoor Living with a TV Rated to Take on the Outdoors!

Nothing beats Lake Norman living! Spring and summer in North Carolina are meant to be enjoyed…outside, lakeside, poolside!  Whether entertaining guests under the pergola, enjoying first-hand the splash of your teen’s famous cannonball, or catching Sunday’s Panther game poolside at your outdoor bar, a well-placed TV is a great source of enjoyment. Unfortunately, all that sun and splashing takes a toll on the display so it’s imperative to use a unit designed specifically to stand up to what mother nature, and teens, can dole out. Well, you’re in luck. SoundVision has just the thing!

­­­­­­Weatherproof TVs hit the market a few years ago. While they were sealed from environmental factors and offered a brighter screen for better outdoor viewing, they were somewhat bulky. Not so anymore! Outdoor TVs are sleek and provide optimal image quality that compensates for the extreme brightness of outdoor patios as well as the low light levels of shaded covered porches. They also feature special anti-reflective and anti-glare screens. Not only do these weatherproof TVs look good and offer great flexibility in mounting possibilities, but they’re built to withstand extreme temperatures, resist moisture and seal out dust, dirt and insects that could compromise the life of an ordinary indoor unit and void its warranty.

Additional advantages to outdoor TVs are their durability and safety. Unlike indoor units that could pose a greater risk of electrical shock or fire hazard if used outdoors, outdoor TVs are built tough with durable exteriors and tempered safety glass for safe, long-term enjoyment and reliability.

Not only are weatherproof TVs a great for covered porches and sunny patios, but they’re the perfect solution for marine use.  Imagine a day of fishing or sightseeing on Lake Norman with your TV for entertainment!

To complement your weatherproof TV, your choices in outdoor audio are numerous. Just like the purpose-built TVs, outdoor speakers and subwoofers feature weather-resistant materials. Their cones are made of specialized materials and their electronic components are sealed from moisture, but their sound performance is uncompromised. Designed to cover outdoor areas with even sound dispersion, some even provide full 360° coverage. And the design choices are endless with speakers created to resemble natural stones, sleek landscape spotlights or elegant urns. Subterranean subwoofers can be added underground so you don’t miss a “beat.” Outdoor-rated soundbars offer yet another great audio solution for TV viewing. And many weather-resistant accessories are available such as wireless gear, seals for cable cover doors and even waterproof remote controls!

If you’re interested in exploring your choices in enhanced outdoor living year-round, give us a call. We’re happy to provide a complimentary in-home/outdoor consultation.



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