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It’s Time for a Tech-up!


The transition to fall brings many changes; Our beautiful Lake Norman, framed in autumn splendor, mums everywhere, mild temps that have us rushing outdoors to enjoy fall festivals and pumpkin patches along with the onslaught of pumpkin-flavored everythings…and the slew of marketing messages stuffed into your bills suggesting it’s time to review all of your insurance policies!  Just like your homeowner’s, auto and health insurance policies are affected by the change in seasons and life stages, your home’s technology systems may benefit from an annual assessment too.

Imagine all of the devices connected to your personal “internet of things.” Which of those devices have been added since your network was initially set-up? And of those new devices, how many were added to your home media system? A network upgrade may yield a remarkable difference in your system’s performance.  Are you getting optimal image and sound quality? And how are they controlled? Some minor programming tweaks could go a long way in how your family uses and enjoys your home’s technology.

To Your (System’s) Health!

As a CEDIA professional, we recommend an annual “tech-up”, a comprehensive assessment of your home’s technology systems to ensure your system’s “health.” It’s also a chance to gauge how happy you are with it and what it provides.  We all know how time flies and, in “tech” years, that’s “amplified” even more. Whether it’s been a year, or 3 or 5 since your system was installed, chances are you’re not taking advantage of all it has to offer.

Let’s Talk Tech

Let’s set aside an hour to simply sit down and talk about how you use your home’s systems. We’ll talk through all of your technology questions; what can my new Apple watch do? How do I set up Alexa to control my automated shades and lighting with voice commands? Is my media room 4K ready? How do I integrate CDs onto a new platform? Can my new gaming console be integrated onto my remote control so I can stream movies? Are there any new security features available for my system?

There’s nothing we love more than to talk tech! Let’s get all your questions answered….maybe even some you hadn’t thought of! We’ll explore your existing system demands and we’ll determine if there are any upgrades available to maximize performance or add features. We can also address anything you’re currently wanting to add or change and, together, develop a strategy for implementing NextGen technologies.

It’s an exciting time in home automation. Systems are integrating more elegantly and efficiently than ever before and voice commands are at the center of it all. Art and technology are truly fusing to create innovative, sophisticated forms of concealment while google and Apple continue to influence everything that touches tech. No doubt we’ve got lots to talk about!

Make a Note!

Like prepping for any valuable appointment, as your technologist we recommend you start of list of things you’d like to discuss during our visit so that we get the full picture of your technology needs. Do a quick walk-through and think about how adding or tweaking a feature could be beneficial. Write down your questions, what you’ve added to your system and what you want to add!

Your home’s technology is a part of your everyday life and we appreciate you entrusting us with its care. Please know we’re here to answer your technology questions and help you make the most out of your systems, now and for years to come. We welcome the opportunity to reconnect and share with you the latest in smart home technology. Call now and schedule your annual Tech-up!

And be sure to check back soon. We’ll discuss optimizing your system’s health through a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that takes the worries out of everything from changing batteries in the smoke detector to checking for firmware updates. Stay tuned!

Cleanse your home of wall acne

It’s time for the glow up.

There is nothing more uninviting than walking into your home and being greeted by a hodge-podge of wall plates, switches and interfaces – all of varying colors, shapes and sizes. This “wall acne” is a thorn in any designer’s side; thankfully, innovations in home automation technology have brought sleek, stylish and sophisticated back to your walls.

This new, design-forward approach brings all of your technology together, to reflect the modern, minimalist style that is so popular.

Imagine combining your wall of switches, buttons and gears by the garage door into one seamless keypad. Forget having a separate thermostat, light switches, security system and garage door opener – all of these can become one inclusive, seamless keypad – flush with the wall.

Improve your energy efficiency by automatically adjusting the temperature and lighting to the season or movement in the room from the same interface you’d use to change the song on your entertainment system.

It’s time to recruit your home automation designers to customize the right system for you and clear up your acne to get those clear, smooth walls you’ve always dreamed of.



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