The Home-Field Advantage

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Why go out to the sports bar, when you could build one in your own home? 

What comes to mind when you think of college football? A crowded sports bar, your friends and family struggling to view the same television screen, or the ultimate in-home sports bar? Now, finding the best seat for the NC State vs. Carolina (boo) game no longer means leaving the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to designing the ultimate in-home experience for game day viewing, most people drift immediately of a bar-like atmosphere, with comfy furniture and lots of space to entertain. But what really matters is creating an immersive experience, complete with a large projection screen and high-definition projector (or a huge flat screen television), and a complete surround sound system that brings the sights and sounds of the stadium into your home to put your guests in a game mood.

With your own in-home sports atmosphere, you never have to worry if the bar will be playing the right game, or if you’ll be entering into enemy territory. Your space can be designed around your Wolfpack, Tar Heel, or Blue Devil colors and memorabilia. Just think: acoustic paneling, comfy theater seating and wall art tailored for the ultimate sports enthusiast. Integrating your memorabilia and colors with the best audio and video can turn Saturday afternoons into an “ultra-engaging sports experience.”

And it doesn’t stop at regular fan viewing parties like the Super Bowl. If fantasy sports are more than just a hobby for you, consider opting for multiple screens to view multiple games at once so you never have to miss a play. The ability to view multiple games and toggle between audio at the touch of a button gives any fantasy player an advantage on tracking stats.

For those that are more like sports fanatics than sports enthusiasts, the options aren’t just limited to your home. Consider taking your dedication on the road with you, and deck out a mobile home like these Auburn football fans so that you always have the home-team advantage. Or if travelling isn’t your thing, consider building the epitome of fandom, like this Cubs fan did.

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