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Seek Professional Help! From a Certified Motorized Shade +/or Lighting Specialist, that is!


Don’t do it!  It’s a beautiful afternoon and you find yourself in your favorite home improvement store.  You stroll down the electrical aisle in search of a replacement wall plate and, BAM, there it is, DIY lighting control.  Oh, imagine…”Honey, did you turn off the basement lights? No? Ok [picks up remote], I got it.”  Bliss. Sigh. You round the corner and on the end-cap display, spotlighted as if the clouds have parted and sopranos are welcoming a new dawn….motorized window shades!  With a remote! Elegant, simple…You’ve been dreaming about blackouts for the Master and Home Theater…a lighter weave for the family room to protect the furniture and ease glare…sounds perfect but….not so fast!

While DIY has its place, we caution you when it comes to automated window shades and lighting control.  We’ve recently experienced many homeowners calling to ask us to re-program their lighting and shades, integrating their weekend project into their system, only to find out that what they’ve installed is a single-room solution.  For us, the beauty of whole-home lighting and shade is just that – a whole-house integrated system.  Pre-set configurations, all-on/all-off, entertain mode, away, Good Morning!, Goodnight! – Portrait lights on with shades down, can lights on with shades at 50%….elegance, control and options!

So, be tempted by that lovely display…be inspired…but before placing anything in your cart, please check with us to learn your options.  We don’t want you to be disappointed!

More than an Integrated System, its Your Integrated Lifestyle

Connected Family

More than an Integrated System, its Your Integrated Lifestyle

More than incorporating various electronic components, an electronics systems contractor integrates lifestyle – in your home and in your office.  In today’s digital world, it’s what we’ve come to expect.  Don’t let those expectations fall short.

Proven methods ensure positive outcomes

A true differentiator in the digital environment, as a CEDIA Designer we subscribe to a proven process: Discovery, Systems Design, Engineering, Implementation, Service & Support.  This process begins with a thorough “discovery”, a relaxed conversation that allows us to understand your current and future needs and wants, along with your budget and desired timeframe.  This is a critical step that drives your overall system design.  Equally as important, however, is the documentation that communicates that design.

More than a list of gear

When presented with a design, it is critical that you understand how the system will perform.  Too often a business or homeowner is presented with a list of components.  That gets you to the bottom line, but what will the system do?  How will it function in each space and how can you trust it will perform as specified?  Along with expert system design and engineering, you should be presented with a comprehensive document package that demonstrates proven design; project drawings, schematics, an easy-to-understand scope-of-work, hardware and labor requirements.  In layman’s terms, “get it in writing” and know what you’re getting. Questions should be encouraged!

Once approved, this package communicates the design to the installation team, programmer, architect, interior designer, millwork carpenter, electrician, plumber, etc.

Lifecycle to Lifestyle

Once we get your approval, the scheduling and installation process begins.  We’ll manage the project throughout its lifecycle, communicating during each phase to keep you informed and in charge! Designing your integrated lifestyle is more than a list of stuff.  It’s worthy of careful planning.  Let us show you what you can expect.  Expect to be blown away!

OLED is Flexing its Muscles, and Design Capabilities


On-Wall television, once avoided by the Interior Design Professional at all costs, has thrust itself into the realm of stunning artwork, worthy of being featured, not hidden.  OLEDs of 2017, consuming less power than LED TVs, offer striking blacks and brilliant whites from surfaces no thicker than a credit card.

While the video technology’s curved, flat or even “wallpaper” configurations allow for incredible flexibility in design options, audio solutions have become equally as creative.  LG’s newest OLED Wall-Paper, introduced at CES earlier this year, is so thin and light, it actually mounts to the wall with magnets, leaving no room within the display for AV control, connection ports or audio.  Their solution is an external shelf-like sound bar, mounted just below the video display which boasts Active HDR with Dolby Vision as well as spectacular Dolby Atmos for the sound.  You may imagine that professional installation is a must.  While some embrace the sleek design, others would prefer a less conspicuous solution – perhaps it’s in the works.

Sony jumped back into the OLED arena, introducing its new Bravia A1 OLED TV, which turns the glass front into a speaker! The “Acoustic Surface” vibrates to create audio. The super-thin design also means there’s no need for a traditional stand. Instead, it features a pop-out lean stand similar to that of a tablet.

Samsung deviated from OLED by developing QLED which features a “reinvented Quantum Dot technology.”  Truly designer-friendly, it comes with “invisible connection” for nearly undetectable cabling. For audio they’ve developed the Sound+ soundbar with subwoofer, complementing their line of flat and curved units both aesthetically and acoustically.

Interior Designers can now embrace technology in design with OLED TVs that are beautiful whether on or off.  So, which is right for you?  Give us a call – we’ll help you navigate OLED!


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