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We’ve heard about it for decades, but is VR (virtual reality), with its trusty side-kick AR (Augmented Reality), finally ready for prime-time?  Over the holidays, we all watched the commercials with people of all ages laughing, gasping, sobbing as they were submerged into a deeper reality.  It’s only now that we’re seeing the potential, and how amazing it truly is.

Prevalent in the gaming world, augmented reality blends real-world with virtual world, allowing users to interact with virtual content in a real setting.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Imagine where that will take us.  Here’s a few highlights from the floor of CES2017 Vegas.

AR goes beyond any other experience and its applications are as infinite as its experiences.  We’ll explore the gear in another post.  For now, just fathom where this incredible technology can transport you!

At home:  Take a destination virtual vacation

At the workplace:  Recruiting, training, visualization and providing a real connection for your remote workforce.

At play:  Pokemon was the tip of the gaming iceberg. Six flags partners with Samsung to launch a VR Roller coaster! And mixed reality? Coming soon to an Xbox near you (2018)!

In retail:  VR/AR enhances experiential marketing and customer engagement

In healthcare:  Imagine if your surgical team had access to augmented reality?   And for those experiencing low vision (blurry vision, tunnel vision or blind spots that can’t be corrected), a University of California, Berkeley Professor is working to bring a lower cost aid to this community, helping to restore their sight.

In education:  True abstract learning.

In worship:  I can only Imagine.

We’re just getting started -Ready for take-off?  At the speed of light! Mr. Sulu, set course for Earth. Punch it!

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Your Automated Vacation Home. A Luxury Get-Away & Source of Income

Lighting - Home Automation Mooresville, NC

Your vacation home should be just that, a vacation.  It’s a restful sanctuary free from headaches, unnecessary chores and day-to-day stress.  This is where an automated home can shine.

You may be imagining your home on the Outer Banks with automated control of your lights, shades and water features. Or perhaps your Great Smoky Mountain retreat with outdoor audio, a weatherproof LCD and remote control of your fire feature.  These features add enjoyment and value to your property.  But when you’ve made your Friday afternoon escape and pull into the drive, the last thing you want is a surprise such as a burst water heater, an A/C that’s been left on or, worse, evidence of a break-in.

From basic security features and keyless entries to more sophisticated occupancy and water sensors, your home can alert you should something go amiss.  If a pipe bursts you can react immediately and get a service technician on the property, hours before you may be able to arrive.  You can grant him access and have the repair performed before long-term damage can occur.

As a rental property, there is a tremendous perception of luxury and value in automation.  Easy navigation of the home’s unfamiliar entertainment system, for example, will increase their overall “experience” and enjoyment.  And they’ll appreciate the added security, particularly in remote areas.  You’ll appreciate that you can remotely mange your guest network, controlling which devices are allowed to be controlled, as well as the ability to turn off the A/C or heat when a door is left open.

Upon your guests’ check-out, you can remotely assess the home’s condition, ensure the lights are off, the shades are closed, the appliances are as they should be, the thermostat is set and the gate is latched.

When you’re ready to plan your perfect vacation get-away home, give us a call at 704-696-2792 or email at, even if it’s out of our area.  SoundVison can help design your luxury system and work with a trusted network of integration partners to make sure you’ll receive the service you’ve come to expect from us.

Bring the Madness to Your Media Room!

multiscreen media room with billiards

We here at SoundVision know that content is king and today we’ve got more choices than ever before.  From subscription streaming to satellite, sources for content seem endless, and so are your options for viewing!  If you’re hosting a March Madness party, a night of gaming, or any other excuse to have friends over, here’s some tips to treat all your guests to their favorite team, game or conversation.

Multiple Screens VS. Multi-screen

4K’s  recent, feature-rich options have increased the popularity of picture-in-picture viewing.  And videowalls comprised of multiple screens are seeing a spike, taking full advantage of available content.  Configurations can be a mixture of flatscreens and projection, offering a variety of size choices.  Some prefer a large “master” viewing canvas, flanked by smaller screens, either symmetrically or asymmetrically placed.  Others prefer a massive video wall comprised of a grid of thin-bezel displays that can be configured to toggle content across either the entire grid or in a multi-screen matrix.

Another option is offering multiple screens throughout a space, providing viewing from several seating or entertainment areas throughout.  This works well when incorporating spaces such a billiards table, bar area, casual seating nook, etc.  Mounting solutions for video walls are somewhat complex, however.  Aside from a seamless installation, panels must be accessible for maintenance and allow for heat dispersion.

Also, keep in mind that any security feed, such as your front door camera or baby monitor, are sources that can be fed onto the screens as well.


SoundVision, here in the Lake Norman area, will help with space planning and AV design and work alongside your interior design professional to ensure the best possible outcome, the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology.  Once you’ve decided on entertaining and viewing areas, there are a number of things to consider.

Think in layers.  Create multiple layers of seating to optimize your room’s viewing.  Take the tiered home theater seating approach and apply it across your space to take advantage of line of sight from anywhere in the room.  A first tier could be a mix of fun gaming chairs, multi-purpose ottomans and kid-friendly bean bags that could be stowed away. For your main seating tier, modular sectionals offer terrific flexibility while swivel chairs keep viewers engaged and comfortable.  Hi-top tables and bar seating provide guests a clear shot across the room while offering spaces for intimate conversation or a spirited hand of poker. And don’t ignore design conveniences like installing drink rails and providing side tables.


Audio does not take a back seat to video!  Designing the room’s acoustics is essential for comfortable listening and conversation.  Good acoustic design and noise control reduces fatigue and allows guests in each area to enjoy conversation as well as content.

Seamless Audio Switching is also essential to viewing enjoyment.  As content is chosen or swapped across screens, the sound must follow without a distracting stutter.  Your integrator can program flawless source switching across your devices – no fumbling with multiple devices and no missed moments of the game!  This is not the time for amateurs!

So what’s involved?

Give SoundVision in Mooresville a call today at 704-696-2792!  We’ll walk you through your choices, then design the system of your dreams that’s robust but fun and simple to use.

Ready to host the next event in your in-home sports bar? Here’s the official March Madness NCAA tournament bracket to download to get the party started!  The beer and brats are on you.

For more ideas, visit us on houzz. Give us a call when you’re ready to tip-off!

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Four Ways To Conceal or Hide Your TV

TV’s are as important to my clients as their Dining Room table or king-sized bed. And because they’re larger, thinner, and lighter weight, there’s greater ease and flexibility about where to place them. Such freedom has led to a conundrum, however: whether to hide them or to display them for what they’ve become — today’s sign of advancing technology, almost akin to integrative artwork.

As an audio video company, our clients regularly have concerns about how to make sure their television doesn’t become the focal point of their living space or an eye sore. We asked our in-house interior designer, Kyle Ray, some tips on putting the action where you want it without hampering your aesthetic vision:

Hide it: If you prefer a traditional look, Kyle says: “I typically hide the electronics in cabinetry or a wall unit. Years ago, decor would not have included unsightly electronics,” he says. But because the newer TVs are much larger, a cabinet often has to be custom made to fit it and hide the gear, which can end up being expensive. The good news is that the slimness of modern TVs pares the depth and makes the cabinetry jut out less. “One of the most popular tricks we’ve seen lately is hiding the TV behind hinged or pocket doors”, he adds.”A piece like this one from Pottery Barn makes it simple to conceal the TV when not in use.”



Frame it: Sometimes the easiest solution is not to try and hide the TV, but to enhance it’s appearance in the room. SoundVision, LLC carries products that can frame your TV to create a clean, sleek look while the TV is still visible. “Most of what bothers our clients are the mounts and wires”, Kyle explains. “Since the TVs these days have such a small profile, all we need to do is hide the mechanics that hold the TV on the wall.” We also partner with local framing companies to create a customer one-of-a-kind look if the client wants something extra special.



Conceal it: We’ve all seen images of luxuries mansions with no television in site. Then, a slick hero in the finest fashions pushes a button and a piece of artwork rolls up to reveal a hidden screen. Well, technology has come a long way. And this is no longer just an image of dreams. Soundvision carries products from brands like Media Decor that allow the client to select from hundreds of pieces of art ranging from animals to abstracts. The price? Starting at less than $4000 including the artwork, frame, and motor, which is pretty reasonable all things considered.  If you don’t find what you want from our selection, we can have any picture you want created into moving art. That’s just cool!



Reflect it: What if you aren’t as confident in your art selecting abilities, or prefer a look that is more subtle. How about hiding the TV behind a mirror? Or, to be more technical, inside the mirror. Electrostatic mirrors are an increasingly available technology. When the TV is turned off, it’s a mirror. When the TV is turned on, the mirror becomes clear glass and the game is on. Think it’s expensive? Not as much as you would think. And it’s no harder to mount and wire than a standard TV.



Overall, there are many options to accomplish your vision. These are just a few. “At SoundVision, we have over 80 years of combined experience in helping our customers achieve their visions”, states Kyle. “We aren’t just audio video guys, we are designers.”


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