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What exactly is a SMART home, and what makes it so smart to have?  It seems to be a lot of things, and for a lot of reasons.  To some it’s an all-in-one (and we’re talking the whole house) remote control.  To others, it’s a peace-of-mind security system.  It’s a convenience, supports energy efficiency, it adds to your home’s resale value, and the list goes on.  But what’s the common denominator?  What makes the home automation market worth a projected 78.27 billion dollar industry by 2022? Simple, it simplifies your life.  Granted, it’s elegant, it’s a solid investment, it enables you to be remote, it’s all those things, but what it does is make life easier.  And isn’t that nice to come home to?

So what features would you want in a SmartHome?  Our partner Control4 put together a simple 2-question planning guide that will help you get started:

What do you want to achieve with your automation project?

  • Provide added security
  • Access and control from anywhere
  • Update the look of your home or business
  • Update the look for resale purposes
  • Improve the function of your home or business
  • Incorporate energy efficiency

What do you want to control?

  • Lighting
  • Security and monitoring
  • Home theater/entertainment
  • Whole house audio
  • Comfort (heating and cooling)
  • Communication

Now consider about compatibility.   Think about your favorite services such as Pandora, napster,  Deezer …and your favorite friendly products like Sonos, Amazon echo, nest, Sony and even Kwikset – all can be integrated onto one platform – just imagine!

So what’s the trick to get all these devices and services to work together in harmony?  That part you leave to the professionals.  No stress, remember?  Technology is quickly evolving and today’s home automation integrators stay on top of these cutting-edge technologies, with the proper training and certifications to get your disparate pieces to blend in unison.  Music to your ears?  We think so.

Now don’t you feel smart?




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