New additions to our Client Care Plans increase service and maximize the health of your system

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For the past few years, we at SoundVision have seen a change our business, a change in your systems, and a new understanding as to what it takes to make your systems stay healthy and perform at the level you paid them to perform at.

Below, you will see our three levels of Client Care we offer on all of our systems; however, we are about to offer even more services in our Client Care Plans at NO extra cost to our clients.

We are working hard to provide more services for you.  These services will allow us to take better care of your systems while allowing you to interact with them more than you ever have before.  Some of these services include:

  • Regular activity reports detailing the health of your system and any remote services performed.
  • Internet speed test reports outlining what your system is actually seeing, so you can compare it to what you are paying for.  This will also allow us to see, in real time, why problems you might be having are occurring.
  • A customer facing app to allow you to reset your system without contacting us.  This will even allow us to see what you reset so we can make sure the problem is not something larger and allows us to maintain a proactive approach to service.
  • Remote software updates — we will have the ability to update your system without disrupting your lives.

As you can see, we are taking servicing your system VERY seriously; and, increasing the value on our Client Care Plans.  Your system is a serious investment and affects your lives on a daily basis.  Why not make sure you are covered with the most comprehensive service plans we can offer.


SoundVision Client Care Plans


Level One provides the annual, proactive Client Care System monitoring only.  Level One service includes unlimited, off-site resets of your system.  Additionally, if more comprehensive service is required, service labor will be billed at $75/hr. as opposed to our standard $87/hr., and we the $75 trip charge will be waived.

Level One Cost:  $300/yr.

Level Two provides the annual, proactive Client Care System monitoring above as well as including (1) one scheduled, preventative maintenance site visit per year.

This maintenance visit will include the following:

  • Thorough check of all systems. We will turn on, test, and put each system through its complete operation to ensure it is fully functioning and operational.
  • Firmware and software updates for all system components.
  • Change out batteries on any devices that require them.
  • Check of all remote control systems to ensure proper operations. Any MINOR programming issues will be addressed.

  Level Two Cost:  $500/yr.

Level Three provides the annual, proactive Client Care System monitoring above as well as including (2) two scheduled, preventative maintenance site visit per year.

Level Three Cost:  $750/yr.

All plans above require specific network components for service.  On any of the above plans, parts needed will be billed on a time and materials basis. 


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