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What Can We Do To Be Better?

In business, to the best of my knowledge, we are striving to provide a product or, in our case, service, that you, our customers can’t live without.  We want to have that one thing that you find irresistible.  Being in the consumer electronics business for almost 30 years now, I have come to realize that this is NOT in the products we sell.

Sure, we have some incredible technologies to deliver.  We have really cool gadgets that save time, enhance entertainment and can do things for you, automatically, without you even thinking about it.  However, the greatest thing we have to deliver to you, our customers, is us!  Our people and the service we provide, both when we are delivering our services; and, more importantly, afterwards when things aren’t going as planned, it our #1 offering.

So, my question today is “What can we do to be better?”  How can we better serve you, our customers?

Over the past few months we have begun implementing a new Client Care Plan, which outlines a proactive approach that we can monitor your home technology systems; and, at the same time, react faster when things do arise.  However, we want to do more.

We want to know what would make us more valuable to you.  Nothing is off limits.  We want to see how to invest in the future to be a better partner and service provider.  YOU, our customers, are the reason we are here, and without you, well, I’d rather not think of that.  So, any input on your part would be happily received.

It is my personal commitment to you to be the best SERVICE company we can be.  I am just hoping your input can help us achieve that as quickly as possible.  If we aren’t Simplifying Your Life Through Technology, than we aren’t doing our jobs!



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