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We are a SERVICE company!


At SoundVision, we realize that, ultimately, we are a SERVICE company.

We are here to serve our clients.  Sure, we provide some amazing audio and video systems, that go anywhere from whole home, wireless speaker systems to full blown theater and media rooms.

Yes, we understand the importance of life safety system when we install security and / or camera (CCTV) systems.

We really enjoy the ambiance created through lighting and shade systems.  They really make your house a home by creating a warm, inviting environment.

With today’s automation systems, we can control almost anything, which allows your home to think and do anything that you repetitively do, making your life less “busy.”

And, of course, there’s the WiFi!  Oh, how did we live without WiFi!

In the end, though, SERVICE is where we hang our hat.  After the sale relationships are critical to our long term success.  They validate the promises we made when we embarked on our journey with each and every one of our customers.

This SERVICE mentality is the reason that we have created our Client Care Plans, and why, over the next month, we will be hiring a Project Manager to be a single point of contact for all our client’s SERVICE needs.

Additionally, we will be investing in and implementing new software for the purpose of managing our SERVICE more quickly and efficiently.   This will allow us to increase our level of SERVICE to all our existing and future clients.

Today’s systems, more than ever, require routine maintenance and upkeep.  They are, in many cases, the backbone of your home.  They affect your lives, the lives (and homework) of your children, and your interconnectivity to the outside world.  They are not JUST entertainment anymore.

Our Client Care Plans are an incredible value.  At $500 annually, they provide expedited response time, 2 hours of free labor, and a once a year check up that includes making sure your system is running optimally as well as us doing all the firmware upgrades for your equipment.  

CALL US TODAY at 704-696-2792 to learn more.





Membership Clients can expect a response by noon the FOLLOWING BUSINESS day.

MEMBERSHIP CLIENTS  EXPEDITE service – PLEASE CALL (704) 696-2792 ext. (2) and leave a detailed message for our ON CALL Service Team. 

Clients without a membership have a 24 hour best effort response window. 

Custom Membership

Send us your contact info and we will contact you to discuss our custom membership option.